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To learn and acquire knowledge is in our spirits!

Updated on January 22, 2016

Seeking knowledge!

The self is full of knowledge and we are part of the self!

How a man learns about the world, nature and persons? How he believes in god? What makes him to study the books and scriptures written by many sages and wise people? It is the quest for knowledge. Since the self is full of wisdom, and we being a part of the self, there will be deep thirst for knowledge in everyone. Some may desire to know about spirituality while majority would like to learn mundane things which contribute to worldly knowledge. Hence in a way, all are seekers whether spiritual or mundane! What one gains by learning? There is a void in each individual. The void has to be filled up by acquiring knowledge. None want to remain illiterate or fool. It is written that society recognizes the learned people who possess high wisdom!

Dr.Abdul Kalam, ex-President of India was a space scientist. His early boyhood was spent in poor surroundings. But his love to learn things made him a greatest scientist in space technology. He was very proficient in ‘Rocket Science”, which enabled India to cross many mile stones in manufacture of missiles to protect India from neighboring countries. Also, he was a pioneer in space missions and headed the Department guiding and enabling many space crafts. Because of his highest eminence, he was nominated to contest “Presidential elections” and he was successful. Even after becoming President, he has not left his research and guidance of many scholars in space science.

Even after demitting office, he was the most sought after teacher by the entire student community of Indian Collages, Schools and Universities since he had a vision for a glorious India by the year 2020. By his own effort, he rose from ordinary man to a ‘rocket scientist’ and then as President of India for five years. He was the first Scientist President of India. All his predecessors and successors were from Politics. He wanted that the rural villages in India must get urban facilities. He has written a beautiful and inspiring book, “Wings of Fire”, which was translated in many Indian languages. He was acclaimed throughout the world as a visionary. He was a teacher, scholar and visionary combined in one person.

The thirst for knowledge enabled him to acquire it. Every individual has the thirst deeply buried in their conscience. But very few uncover it and make efforts to acquire knowledge. Though secular knowledge is a must for living in this world, spiritual knowledge is very much essential for achieving the goal of human life. Spirituality alone can confer release from the mundane existence. The ancient sages of India are honored to day for their superior knowledge and wisdom about God and the world. They were the receptors of the Divine Vedas through sound from the sky. They absorbed the sound of chants in their conscious through the ear and stored them for future dissemination to their disciples. For many thousand years, the great Vedas were transmitted to the disciples through word of mouth only! Also there were no facilities to write them at that time. In fact, none can take them in writing correctly since the chants contained ‘intonations’ which cannot be replicated in palm leaves or paper.

Max Muller first realized the treasure chest of Vedas. He diligently tried to write them in German and later, the same was translated in many European languages. People from overseas got interest in Indian philosophy and scriptures, whereas many youngsters today feign ignorance about the treasures that contained in Vedas. Many saints, spiritualists and sages have taken upon their head, the onerous task of revival of Veda chants in India. Many Institutions are realizing the greatness of these treasures and started teaching them in original Sanskrit language in which Vedas were later written. Every society has to learn those sacred scriptures which are available in their own religions like Bible, Quran and Zend Avesta! Each such scripture is treasure chest for the natives of each land. We must try to learn the correct and true meanings of those scriptures, since there were many distortions and meanings attributed to each religious text or book! All these are attempts to illumine the ignorant minds and to ensure their release from mundane existence!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 2 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you brother. The sweet honey is collected always by distant honey bees. Like wise Huxley and others sought the sweet wisdom from far off places.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      Yes, Bro. They serve because they Love. You mentioned two extreme examples. Professor Max Muller was ahead of his time and perhaps he had an Indian Soul. He contributed a lot to spreading the Ancient Teachings in the West. Aldous Huxley and Christopher Isherwood were others. Nice Hub.