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To realize the Self, develop detachment towards the world!

Updated on June 19, 2013

Wisdom incarnate!

Sublime Truths!

The force of gravity affects everything in this world. It is due to the gravitational force, the planets are held safe in the space. Hence some of the satellites are placed beyond where the gravitational force won’t act. But it requires enormous force of the rockets to place those satellites beyond the place where earth’s gravity won’t affect anymore. Likewise, human life is affected by the attachment to mundane things and persons. It requires lot of effort to come out of the power of attachment. Only very few persons escaped from this attachment to wealth and properties, kith and kin, power and fame!

Hence sages and saints practiced meditation in deep forests or caves not easily accessible to others. They endured extreme weather conditions, suppressed their hunger and thirst, sacrificed their sleep and remained motionless for many years. Only the power of self-sustained them from annihilation. At last, they were able to realize the Truth about life on earth and real aim of human life. We are all fascinated by the surface of the ocean due to the onslaught of the waves continuously. We are satisfied to collect shells and other insignificant things that are washed to the shore. None try to dive deep and collect pearls. Yes, pearls are never found floating on the shallow waters of the ocean. Hence, if we are really interested in collecting pearls, we have to dive deep to the ocean bed!

Likewise, if we want to gather wisdom, we have to dive deep within ourselves. It is beyond the body and mind. Yes, bodies are mere bubbles and mind is a mad monkey. We cannot rely upon these temporary vessels. They will leave us in the lurch. The SELF within each individual has enormous powers. The only pity is that we are not aware of the treasure trove within ourselves and we seek tinsels from the external world. All the might is in the self. The self is ever existing phenomenon unaffected by the worldly grief and pain. It is full of knowledge and always in Bliss. Nothing will affect the peace which is inherent in the Self. To realize this Self, we have to go beyond the body/mind complex. We have to detach ourselves from the external world and temporary relationships. Everything in this world is subject to destruction except the Self which is not created by any. It is self-existing! Hence let us focus our entire energy on the inner Self and develop detachment towards the world!


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