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To save the world

Updated on March 9, 2019

Our Savior has already saved us, now let us try to save the world

There is already a saviour of the world in the Cristian religion, but other religions do not agree to that, however it would be good if other people would know about it, we believe it would help, since the world of today is a dangerous place.
There is already a saviour of the world in the Cristian religion, but other religions do not agree to that, however it would be good if other people would know about it, we believe it would help, since the world of today is a dangerous place. | Source
The world where we live is in danger from many sides, we need to say that it is humanity  itself that causes these dangers, one of these dangers is global warming, the other is our own religious beliefs that does not restrain us from waging wars.
The world where we live is in danger from many sides, we need to say that it is humanity itself that causes these dangers, one of these dangers is global warming, the other is our own religious beliefs that does not restrain us from waging wars. | Source

How the world could be saved

Welcome to our article (88), how to save the world

May God guide and help me to say the right things in this article?

Dear readers, we have given this title to this article ‘to save the world’, as if we can save the world, from whatever is going to happen next. I am afraid that we are not able to do that, you see, we are only asking the question; how the world can be saved? So, let us imagine, that the entire world is in danger, so, we must look at what can be done to prevent this happening. Now, because we are writing about religions in these articles, we are going to talk about the dangers that religions can bring.

Looking at the entire religious world today, there are reasons to believe, that all religions have been man-made, and they have been made to give guidance to the people that use them; so, they are a set of rules, that helps people live a better life, if they follow these set of rules. But they may not achieve what they have been made for, since they are open to different interpretation; so, we must be careful how to use them, so, we are going to discuss, how the world can become safer, when we use these religious rules, that our forebears have made and passed down to us, from generation to generation.

Now let us reflect what we have been saying, because some of you might think that we are saying that there is no God, just because we have said that religions are man-made. Well, we are not saying that at all, because we believe in God, and the spiritual existence of many spiritual beings, we believe that God is life, as you are going to see, when we write about our religious beliefs. Anyhow, what we are saying here, is that we should really be careful, how we use those existing religious rules for the time being.

Having explained that, now, we want to point it out to you, that all our religious writings that we have written in Hub Page, they have been written with the aim that one day, they could help humanity to save the world from a disaster, that religions themselves could start, because some religions are not the most idealistic religions, so, they can easily be used the wrong way.

Now, let me explain, an idealistic religion is a religion that drives people to live in peace, it gives the individual a purpose in life and at the same time guides people clearly, so, it is hard to make mistakes, when we use these sets of religious rules.

But, as we can see, from what is happening in the world, there are religions that are made in such a way, that it is easy for the extremists to use religion the wrong ways, since they twist the fundamental truth of their religions for their own benefit, even when what they do harms other human beings; so, we need to ask ourselves this question. If religions are manmade as they seem to be, then it follows that religions can be changed and there is no spiritual harm done.

The fundamental aim of religions, is that of creating a community that believes in the same things, and that all individuals are respected. All this can be summed up in this phrase here: do not do anything to other people that you would hate if the other people did it to you.


Our religious studies

Since we are interested in solving some religious problems or suggesting what can be done to solve them. We have studied religions and found that religions are manmade; they have always been manmade since the beginning of the world, because Man needs God . But we must keep in mind that spiritual forces like God/s angels and souls exist, because every so often, there are unexplainable things that happen in life, so, we must accept the existence of spirituality, since all religions believe in it.

Now, once we accept that there is this spirituality, we must work out how to set up religions, since they need to be set up in such a way, that they take in all the knowledge that we have of these spiritual beings or things, we must include all religions that exist in the world. If we do that, then one day these religious problems can be solved.

Now, what we are going to write in this sub-article, may have nothing to do with religious beliefs, but it cannot be avoided, because what is happening in the world today, cannot be ignored, because this war that is going on is mostly religious, because those people that carry out these violent acts are religious, they do not even try to hide their religious beliefs, because they want to show the world that their religions and God agree with what they are doing, but this attitude violate the most important part of our religious teachings of true beliefs, which as we have said, do not do to other what you would hate if that is done to you.

So, we are shocked at the cruelty of these people, you know, this is horrible for us Christians, to see religions becoming this low. But then, we have to understand that humanity is a violent race, for this reason our lord Jesus Christ came to earth to fix it; because the old religions were set for violent people of those times, so, it seems to me that those people that do these violent acts against humanity today, have stopped at the pre-Christian era. Because we Christian believe; Our Lord Jesus Christ came down to earth to change all that, He tried to teach us that, but we the people of this world did not understand what these changes meant, in fact, the old religions being violent in nature, instead of following his teaching they crucified him; so, let us try to talk about our real saviour Jesus Christ next:


Our Lord Jesus Christ the saviour

We should pray God and our lord Jesus Christ to save the world from these religious wars that seem coming our way.
We should pray God and our lord Jesus Christ to save the world from these religious wars that seem coming our way. | Source
The Bible the most read religious book in the world
The Bible the most read religious book in the world | Source
The Koran the Muslim religious book, this book derives from the Bible as in the text says that Allah  God is the same God of Abraham.
The Koran the Muslim religious book, this book derives from the Bible as in the text says that Allah God is the same God of Abraham. | Source

The saviour of the world

We who believe in the Christian religions, have to admit that there is only one true saviour of the world, and this saviour is our Lord Jesus Christ, no other man can come even close to the spiritual powers of our Lord Jesus Christ, no other man can claim to have done one single thing that could equal him in any way, he has been the greatest man that has ever lived on this planet earth, or perhaps we should say that he has been the greatest spiritual man that has ever lived on this planet earth, there is no doubts about this claim, as his life and deeds can bear witness about this claim.

In these religious articles, we don’t want to claim his miracles to measure his spiritual power, we don’t want to use anything that can be challenged as being untrue, but we want to review his most simple religious teaching, and the changes that they have brought with them; so, let us just mention the most simple things that he did, and what he taught us, for those that don’t know Christianity and don’t know about Our Lord Jesus, (Matthew chapter 6 verse 9 to 13), you need to read the four gospel of the New Testament, to understand what we are talking about here.

Anyhow, Jesus Christ found that the people of those times were using the temple grounds as a market place; Jesus was upset at what they were doing, so, he turned the merchants away in a strong way, telling them that this was the house of God and not a market place to make money.

One day, Jesus was asked how we should pray our Father, and he taught them the Lord prayer, approximately as we know it today, it is a very simple prayer, and yet it has lasted two thousand years and is still going on.

One day this crowd was about to stone to death a woman accused of sinning, he went to her rescue, the crowd did not like it and challenged him, and he answered to them, let the person that has no sins throw the first stone, not one threw the first stone, because they were all sinner, and the sinning woman was saved.

If these very simple things, that any simple-minded man can learn easily are not the work of the greatest man on earth, then tell me if you can replace any of them.

Jesus changed the Ten Commandments to a very simple way, love your God and love your neighbour as yourself.

Looking at what we have just said above, there are reasons to believe, that Our Lord Jesus Christ is our direct link to God; he is our spiritual saviour, and carries the whole world in his hands; so, we should pray God and our Lord Jesus Christ to save us in our hours of need.


Saving the world

Today, while I am writing this article for the first time, it is the year 2014 and some very violent happening have taken place, what has happened involves religion and religious fanatics.

Saving the world and humanity from themselves, it is a problem that has always existed, because we humans are very selfish and easily blame the others, for our short comings and everything else. Humanity has even invented gods to suite themselves, if we look at religions with an open mind.

Dear readers, we are writing these religious writings, believing that what we have learned during our lives about religions, can be put to good use, if we suggest what we see needs to be done. Now, because I want to make this article brief, I am editing these articles, in the hope that I can make them shorter and easier to read. So, let me explain what we believe.

We believe,

In our religious writing, we believe that God represents all existing life; therefore, we believe that there is only one God throughout the universe, and God is the life essence of the entire universe, everything that is living is part of God life force energies, and no living thing can exist unless it is part of God life force, therefore God is the life essence of the entire universe.

Perhaps we can save the world, if we try to understand the situation, and use our beliefs, as we have written above. So, let us see how the world could be saved.


The place of terror

How our world could be saved

First, let us see what we can use to achieve our aims. Today the world is becoming more dangerous; it seems that the religious world is going to split in two, it could form two enormous groups, the Muslim group on one side, and the rest of the world on the other side; when we look at this scenario, we wonder whether the end of the world could be near, and therefore, it is going to happen just as it is written in the New Testament of the Bible Revelation, which is frightening if that happens. But, we believe that revelation in the New Testament of the Bible may never happen, it might have been written, to control the religious people of those times through fear, therefore, it is not going to happen the way it has been written, anyhow, today’s position seems to suggest that it can happen, just because the world might split in two and fight each other’s; but we believe that it has not to be that way, for this reason, we are going to suggest here, how the world could be saved.

So, we must ask ourselves, what can be done to prevent this new type of wars; since this new type of war involves religions to a very high degree, so, we need to study and modify religions. We must keep in mind that a new system is going to emerge from whatever happens, and when that happens, a new religious theory needs to be put forward.

We know that some of you will say, for what reason we have done all that religious writing; we can say that it is our own personal beliefs, and what we have written in ‘the duty of any human being’; but that is not all, because you see I feel that I am being driven from an inner force to write these religious issues, and I believe that I am a seer, not in the real sense that I can see things clearly, but in the sense that I am looking forward, and looking at what can happen tomorrow, while most people like to look at what has happened in the past. Anyhow, let us go back at what is happening today, as I am trying to think how the world could be saved from some pains, at least in theory, by pointing to religions the way that they need to take, to avoid the worst part of what could happen; you see, we are looking for a new religious system.


The new System

To avoid the present religious troubles, and save the world from a religious war, we believe that a new religious system in needed; where every religion is equal, because they come from the same God life force of the universe.

This God life force represents, the entire spiritual life force that exists in the universe, it also represents all the existing life in the universe, because God is life and life is God Himself; as we have explained in the paragraph, we believe. And other religious articles that we have written.

So, a new system has already been suggested, it might not be clear enough for the public to understand, just because new things take a long time to be understood, and to be written clear enough for the public to understand them. To understand that we must look at the existing religious system, it has been going for thousands of years and yet it is not clear enough to understand.

So, in our next article, we are going to talk about a new religious set up, where we are going to try to shorten our existing religious articles, by choosing only the most meaningful ones, writing a few new ones to link all of them together. We are going to set them up, in a way that we can reach our religious theory of reconciliation of the universe sooner.

This article is becoming too long, so, see you in our next article, new religious set up.

May God bless us all?



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    • Frank Menchise profile imageAUTHOR

      Francesco Menchise 

      4 years ago from Brisbane Australia

      Tanks for commenting Say Yes To Life; I agree with you that it's up to mankind to save itself. Perhaps what I am trying to suggest here is something that could be achieved in the far away future, just because humanity does not seem to be ready for it.

      In this case where it is impossible to convince the offending violent party, because they believe in religions as they were in the past, so they are not going to relent their violent ways whatever we say or do; then mankind may have to resolve this problem by going back thousands of years instead of going forward, and apply the laws of those times; an eye for an eye etc.

      You see, we of the western world and other moderate religions, could not afford to be sheep when on the other side there are wolfs, we need to become as heartless as they are to win this one, even if we have to run against our inner self religious beliefs.

    • Say Yes To Life profile image

      Yoleen Lucas 

      4 years ago from Big Island of Hawaii

      Ultimately, it's up to Mankind to save itself, isn't it? Regarding ISIS and other Muslim cults that are currently terrorizing the world, it seems to me countries that promote secularism and religious tolerance are the most peaceful. Those that are convinced their religion is the only way to worship are the ones that are doing the most terrorizing.


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