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Today devotees remember Sri Sathya Saibaba all over the globe!

Updated on April 24, 2017

The huge hospital which gives FREE treatment.

My life is my message - Sri Sathya Saibaba!

My life is my message, Said Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Today, many devotees all round the world remember Him by participating in many welfare activities, worship and group singing. Sathya Saibaba is known in every country by the service activities conducted in his name throughout the year. Mainly poor feeding, giving clothes and offering free medical assistance to those who are unable to pay for it, free educational opportunities, training in basic skills are some of the activities undertaken by the members of Sathya Sai Seva Organization. Many schools function in several parts of the globe inculcating morality and righteousness in the life of students. Sathya Sai School in Zambia is very famous in transforming many students, who otherwise would have become menace to the society. Sai educational curriculum and teaching methods are unique. They also run elder care home and similar activities. Mobile medical vans are part of the medical assistance to remote villages. In times of natural calamities in many part of the globe, the presence of Sai volunteers could be noticed, whether it is floods due to Katrina or devastating earthquakes in Japan or the Tsunami that destroyed more than one lakh of people in Indonesia or Sri Lanka or India, members of Sai service organizations were rendering the necessary help. In more than 170 countries, silent service activities are undertaken without the notice of media. Though Sathya Saibaba left the mortal coil on 24 April 2011 at Puttaparthi (India), his subtle present is felt in many places of the globe. Formation of holy ash in the photos, vermilion and even honey drops in many places indicate that he is always present everywhere!

Puttaparthi hospital.

People from all over the globe visit his Ashram.

Even during the 85 years of his earthly life, he transformed the little village where no facilities were there in the beginning of twentieth century; he transformed the village into a global township with airport, super specialty hospital, University, Museum and even a planetarium. Many jet plans touch the Sathya Sai Airport from all parts of the globe. The construction of monumental super specialty hospital within five and half months is unimaginable. More than three lakh square feet space with two floors with beautiful dome look like a temple of health rather than a hospital. Since inception more than one lakh free surgeries were conducted by eminent surgeons in the hospital and the recovery rate is more than 95%. There is no billing department in the hospital. A similar hospital was constructed in Whitefield, Bangalore which serves many poor illiterate villagers. His educational institutes which offer fully free education from KG to PG is a boon to many students from the backward districts. It is pertinent to note that many students from other countries study in this illustrious institutes which offer spiritual education in addition to the secular education needed for the life. It is no wonder that students of Sathya Sai Institutes are the most sought after candidates for jobs in many multinational companies!

His Free collages.

He has founded two big hospitals and educational university which render FREE

In addition to India, Sai students are employed in many countries. Their presence in different countries naturally simulates a spiritual atmosphere since they spread human values wherever they go. Most of the students who come out of the prestigious Institutes follow many principles advocated by Saibaba in their own life. I had the blessed opportunity to see him on the holy Christmas day during 1964 at Chennai. My fascination for him and his teachings never waned from thereon. Inwardly he is guiding everyone towards spiritual path. I have visited Puttaparthi several times and had the opportunity to have one to one interaction with him for more than three times. He knew each and every soul thoroughly and he reveals our innermost dilemmas and problems and offer solutions even if it is mundane one. Unless our major problems are sorted out, it is a bit difficult to move in spiritual path. I interacted with many of his devotees and participated in one or two service programs for few days. Inwardly, I am sure that he is an incarnation of God and he is with every one of us every moment. We must realize his constant presence and chant any of the names of God sincerely and faithfully whenever we are not involved in works. We can chant during travelling and during idle periods. If our mind is diverted towards spiritual path, the wavering tendency of mind slows down. Love is his real weapon by which he conquers the hearts of devotees. He saves the devotees from dangerous situations without any knowledge. He comforts us during troubled period and reveals his presence once or twice through dreams and other ways. We need absolute faith and patience to evolve in spiritual life. He guides his devotees by his simple guidance. He says, “All are One, Be alike to everyone” Help Ever; Hurt never. He wants everyone to cultivate Truth, righteousness, peace, Love and nonviolence throughout our life. He says, ‘do not judge anyone; do not hate anyone; the help we render to the so called ‘others’ is really helping our own soul. Love All and Serve All. May He guide one and all towards a peaceful and harmonious society!

Saibaba wants only Character!

Sathya Saibaba remembered today everywhere!

Have you noticed the service projects of Sathya Saibaba?

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