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Today is Avatar declaration day by Saibaba!

Updated on October 21, 2011

Saibaba finally reveals himself!

He was keeping low profile. He has not exhibited his powers to all and sundry. Only when there was a direst need, Saibaba used his Divine powers. But how long he will wait to commence his mission? The time arrived soon. It was 20 October 1940. Saibaba has left for his school. Within minutes, he was back from the school, thrown the school bag inside his brother’s house. Hearing the sound, his sister in law rushed out. She was dazed to find a glowing hallow around his head. The neighbor, a Pundit too rushed out and finding the glow, prostrated before the young Sathya. His brother was summoned from the school. He was perplexed. He thought that it would be better to summon the parents from Puttaparthi. Saibaba left the house and entered into the garden of Excise Inspector Anjaneyalu. He was an admirer of young Sathya. Soon crowd gathered in the garden around Saibaba. Several started worshiping him as though he was a deity. Hours after, Saibaba has said, “Maya is coming”. In fact he was telling about his mother who was on her way. Soon she entered the garden. Her concern was, “Sathya must be hungry, I have to feed him. Immediately a leaf was brought and food items were spread. But Saibaba made 3 balls of rice mixed with other items. His mother started giving the ball of rice in her son’s hand. After eating the 3 balls of rice, Sathya said, “Now Maya has left”. But none could understand his words. However, the mother persisted that he should come back to Puttaparthi and the family won’t disturb him. He can attend to His work staying in the old mandir. Thus Saibaba cut his family ties. Though his mother and sisters visit him often at the old mandir, he maintained a secluded distance from them. He was concentrating more on the devotees who come there from various locations like Madras, Kuppam, Venkatagiri, Bangalore and other places. He had a tight schedule. Bhajan seasons started in the morning and evening. Every body has been allotted some special tasks. Ladies were in charge for cleaning the deities, decorating with flowers, arranging for the Tiffin and meals for the new comers and in addition they had to look after Saibaba! It is a funny thing. In fact Saibaba was looking after the needs of all. They feign that they were taking care of the Lord! Rest in next hub.

My devotees are calling Me.


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