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Today is the birthday of Sri Krishna!

Updated on August 28, 2013

The mysterious birth of Krishna!

Around 5000 years ago, a divine baby took birth in a closely guarded jail. The parents of the baby were kept under strict surveillance by the King Kamsa! What crime they have committed to invite imprisonment? They were from Royal families. In fact, the mother of the baby Devaki is the sister of the king Kamsa. Mysterious circumstances had led to their imprisonment.

King Kamsa was really fond of his sister Devaki and the marriage of Devaki and Vasudeva was solemnized in the presence of Kamsa who was happy with the wedding arrangements.Strange things which happened subsequently led to the anger of Kamsa towards his sister. Kamsa was intending to drive the chariot in which the couple were seated. As he was moving the chariot a little, a thunder like voice broke from the sky fomenting troubles for the newly wed. The unknown voice has forewarned the King; "The eighth child that is going to born in your sister's womb will kill you!

King Kamsa became furious after hearing the voice from the sky. He dragged her sister by hair from the chariot and raised his sword to kill her at once so that no child will be born to her. But fate can never be defied. Her husband Vasudeva caught hold of the feet of the King and pleaded with Kamsa to spare his sister. He promised to hand over all the babies born to her immediately after birth! King Kamsa relented but ordered them to be put in prison and provided heavy security so that every movement of the couple is informed to him.

Time passed very swiftly. Devaki become pregnant and the guard informed the King. Kamsa was awaiting for the birth of the baby. As soon as she delivered a baby, the king was informed. He rushed to the jail, caught hold of the feet of the baby and dashed it against the stone wall. Thus seven babies met their death at the hands of the cruel king. Devaki and Vasudeva became inconsolable. However Vasudeva kept his words. The eighth time Devaki became pregnant. Soon after delivery, the king rushed to the prison as before but she was a girl child. However King wanted to save his precious life. Hence he lifted her but she flew from his grip and laughed at the importunity of the King. She said, Oh Fool, the baby who is about to kill you is in Gokulam!

Now let us recapitulate the events that took place in the prison. Actually a baby boy was born to her on the blessed day. But mysteriously, all the guards were in swoon. The iron shackles that tied Vasudeva broke open by themselves. The prison gate opened, Vasudeva followed the promptings of his conscience. He was guided to the village Gokulam where Yasodha gave birth to a girl child. Vasudeva crossed the river Yamuna which was flooding but again the river gave way to Vasudeva. It was pouring torrents. The baby boy was kept in a basket covered by cloths. When the rain started, a huge snake with five hoods prevented the rain to wet the child by covering the basket with its huge hood.

Hence from the moment of birth, the child proved itself divine. Having crossed Yamuna, Vasudeva reached the place of the village and entered the house where a girl child was born. He replaced the boy with the girl child. Since Yasodha was sleeping due to delivery, she was not aware of the girl child nor she know about the replacement with a boy. Vasudeva without making any commotion safely returned to the prison, lest the guards will be awakened. He reached the prison with the girl child. Immediately the prison gate closed beside him, the guards woke up and they rushed to the king informing about the birth of a girl. It is that girl who flew from the grip of the king and warned him.

King Kamsa became upset since the boy is elsewhere. Though mother Devaki gave birth to the divine child, she was not fortunate to foster him. Yasoda from Gokulam thought that the boy was born to her and started feeding him as her own. Thus the Lord born to Devaki one day as a lad of eight killed the king Kamsa in single combat. The events will be posted later. For the present, let us celebrate the birth of the divine Krishna!

The divine birth of Krishna-incidents.


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