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Today is the birthday of Sri Rama, an ancient incarnation - Part II.

Updated on April 19, 2013

Ravana flees with Sita, the hawk fights Ravana, the episode of golden deer.

Rama was searching for Sita!

The most wicked demon Ravana, utilized the grand opportunity to take away Sita to his abode. Hence, he adorned the form of a recluse and sought alms by saying "Bavathi Biksham Dehi". Sita was perturbed by the turn of events and she was much worried about her beloved Rama. She opened the door and found a recluse asking for alms. Before going away, Lakshmana has done one wise thing. He drew a line with an arrow and requested his sister in law Sita, not to cross the line! Ravana eager to catch Sita tried to cross the line. To his surprise, he found that the line is like a security fence. Hence he pleaded with Sita to come to him to pour rice in his vessel. Sita unknowingly crossed the line and Ravana utilized the great opportunity and he removed the earth along with Sita! He could not touch her since he had a curse spelt upon him. Whenever he touches a chaste women, he will perish! Hence he removed her along with the earth and placed her in his chariot and flew away. Sita was crying piteously calling for Rama, On the way, she removed her jewels and thrown it on the ground for easy identification. A hawk named Jatayu saw the plight of Sita and fought furiously with Ravana. But Ravana severed its wings. It fell down in a pool of blood!

Rama was returning and met Lakshmana on the way. Scolding him for leaving Sita unguarded they ran in the direction of their hut. Bewildered, they found that the hut bore no evidence of Sita. Rama was crying piteously. He could not suppress his tears. Wailing and calling her name, both the brothers searched for her. On the way, they found the hawk lying in a pool of blood. The hawk narrated the entire episode and revealed that some demon was carrying a woman on the air borne chariot. I fought with him but he cut my wings cruelly. Stating this, it laid up his head on the thigh of Rama and breathed its last. Rama performed the funeral ceremony with appropriate rituals as though it is his own relative.

They were walking further and saw a monkey on a hill top. The monkey had an associate and on seeing two people approaching the place, the associate monkey was deputed to find the identity of the people. In fact, it was Hanuman who is going to play a crucial role in the retrieval of Sita is the deputy who came near the brothers and inquired about their identity.Finding them as Sri Rama and Lakshmana in search of Sita, Hanuman took them to his master, Sugriva who was living in the mountain fearing his elder brother Vali. Both Sugriva and Rama were in similar plight. Sugriva's queen was usurped by his elder brother Vali and he has vowed to kill his brother Sugriva in combat. Rama and Sugriva reached an agreement. Rama will help Sugriva to kill Vali and retreive the Kingdom. In turn Sugriva should depute his monkey army in search of Sita. Both of them finalized the vow in front of fire.

Vali is a mighty monkey King who subdued even Ravana, the demon with his tail. Sugriva could not fight with him directly. Hence he requested Rama to protect him and help him to conquer Vali. A plan was devised to call Vali for a combat. In the first round, Sugriva was defeated and suffered heavy mortal blows from Vali. He came running to Rama for help. Rama told him, you both look like twins and hence i could not identify you. Now wear this garland and i could easily identify you. Wearing the garland woven by Rama himself, Sugriva called Vali for a second round of fight. When Vali overpowered Sugriva, Rama shot a pierce arrow aiming at the chest of Vali. Vali fell down veiling and accused Rama of playing false. But Rama told Vali, You have usurped the wife of your younger brother. This is against the code of morals and hence I have punished you. Realizing the Truth of the words uttered by Rama, the soul of Vali reached Rama and merged in Him. Sugriva got back the Kingdom and his wife. He performed the funeral ceremony of his brother and bid him farewell!........(to be contd)


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