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Today is the birthday of Sri Rama, an ancient incarnation - Part IV

Updated on April 20, 2013

The bridge across the ocean; Hanuman brings Sanjeevini hills!

The bridge across the ocean!

Thus Hanuman was brought into the presence of Ravana, the demon king. "Hey monkey! who are you? How you have entered my garden? Hanuman was standing on the hall in front of the throne of Ravana. He felt that he should first be seated to reply the king. Hence he unwound his tail and elongated it very long, made rounds of the tails and made a seating arrangement at the same height as that of Ravana. He jumped and sat there and said, "Hey Ravana, I am Hanuman, a humble servant of Lord Rama. I have come to warn you; "Hand over mother Sita to Rama and beg his pardon! Ravana become furious at the advice of the strange monkey. "How dare you to advice me in this manner? He asked the guards to tie the monkey or set fire to the long tail since the tail is the most important part of a monkey! Hanuman allowed the guards to tie white cotton pieces around the tails and pour oil over them. The tail was lit with a flame. Now Hanuman elongated it further jumped from one place to other and set fire to the palace of Ravana!

He jumped over many buildings and set fire on the buildings. Thus the entire Lanka was burning. Sita saw the configuration and thought it might be the prank of Hanuman. However she was worried about the safety of Hanuman. After playing havoc, Hanuman went to the ocean and doused the fire of his tail. Now he assumed a small form, went to Sita and took her blessings and leaped back to the other shore!. As soon as he reached the other shore, all monkeys welcomed him shouting Jai, Jai. Hanuman went direct to Rama and told him the good news about Sita. He handed over the jewel, Sita gave to him. Rama wept on seeing the jewel. He knew that Sita is undergoing lot of suffering in Lanka. Hence he asked the monkey army to construct a stone bridge across the ocean.Two monkeys named Nala and Neela got a blessing from a sage that whatever is hurled by them on the ocean will not sink. Hence the monkeys lined up in a row with Nala and Neela near the sea bed. As and when huge boulders were conveyed to them, they threw it on the ocean and they floated mysteriously. But there was a problem. The rocks were floating separately without connection. Hence they devised a plan.

They wrote the letter "Ra" in one stone and the letter "Ma" in another stone. The potent and powerful name connected the boulders together and thus they could form a lengthy floating pathway across the ocean. On the fourth or fifth day they could complete the bridge across the ocean. The entire monkey army along with Rama, Lakshmana and Hanuman and other monkey commanders reached the shore of Lanka and camped there. Ravana got the bad news that the enemies have entered their land. Hence he too confided with his generals for the war that is about to commence. Rama and Lakshmana planned nice formations of the army around the fort and started attacking the demons. The war that ensued was fought by both sides. In the tussle many monkeys and demons perished. Ravana sent his valiant brother Kumbakarna and he too met his death at the battle field. Then he sent Indrajit, his mighty son who is capable of magical war. He used to vanish in the clouds whenever an arrow is aimed at him. Invisibly, he fought sending many pierce arrows on the monkey army. He sent serpant arrow at Lakshmana who fell at the terrible onslaught and he become unconscious. Immediately the monkeys removed the body of Lakshman from the battle field and he was brought to safety. Rama could not contain his sorrow. Lakshmana was like a breath to him.

vibishana, the virtuous brother of Ravana came away from him and surrendered to Rama. He knew the fault of Ravana. He could not make him understand his sin. Hence he came out of the camp of Ravana. Rama accepted him as one of his brother. Vibishana told him that a great physician is living in Lanka. He is expert in medicinal herbs. I will bring him here. The physician was brought to the presence of Rama. He examined Lakshmana and said that some herbs are available in Sanjeevi hills. Bring it before evening. I can make Lakshmana alright. Hanuman flew immediately to Sanjeevi hills. He could not identify the leaves and hence he plucked the entire hill and brought it there. Immediately Lakshmana was administered the juice of the leaves and he revived as though from continue.


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