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Today is the birthday of Sri Rama, an ancient incarnation - Part V.

Updated on April 21, 2013

Rama fights Ravana, returns to Ayodhya and Coronation!

Rama vanquishes Ravana and return to Ayodhya!

Indrajit, the mighty son of Ravana fought with valor but both Rama and Lakshmana saw his cunning ways and they wanted to vanquish him. When Indrajit used his magical power, Rama sent Agniastram which illumine the entire place. Hence Rama and Lakshmana could see the place where Indrajit is hiding. Finally Rama shot an arrow aiming at Indrajit and he fell down dead unable to bear the impact. The news was conveyed to Ravana. Indrajit was dearer to Ravana and hence he could not stomach this tragic news. Many wise ministers in his Kingdom has warned him to return Sita to Rama with honor. He failed to listen due to Ego. Now he is reaping the results. Ravana had ten heads and whenever one head is severed, it will automatically attach itself back. He had more mysterious powers than Indrajit. Hence the war with Ravana could not come to an end easily. Ravana killed bunches of monkeys plucking them from the ground and swallowing them whole lot. Since he was a demon, he could tear and kill any body. When the war was continuing, Rama sent lethal shafts which killed the charioteer, and Ravana had to come down to fight. Though he fought valiantly, he could not match to the arrows of Rama. Hence he lost all his weapons and stood there piteously.

Rama had mercy even for his enemies. Hence he asked Ravana to go back and come on the next day. Ravana never suffered such an ignominy in his entire life. Crestfallen, he was walking towards his palace since his entire retinue have been killed in the battle. The wife of Ravana, Mandothari was a chaste woman. She advised Ravana several times to return Sita to Rama. But he failed to listen to her advise. Now he was alone and Mandothari could not contain her tears on seeing the piteous condition of her husband. Ravana retired into inner chamber and he was praying to Lord Shiva singing his glory. What is the use. He has not corrected his behavior. The next morning, Ravana bid farewell to his wife and gathered the remaining demons for the last day of the war. Meanwhile Vibhishana counselled Rama stating that Ravana can not be killed easily. Aim an arrow at his stomach. Inside the stomach, there is a vessel of nectar. If you could pierce it , Ravana will fall dead. Since all the previous attempts to kill him failed, Rama took an aim at the stomach of Ravana and sent the final arrow. It pierced the vessel containing nectar and Ravana fell down gasping for breath. Rama went near his body and gave his blessings to him during the final breath! Mandothari came running to the battle field on hearing the tragic news. She wailed over the body of Ravana.

Rama told Vibhishana to perform the final rites of his elder brother. Afterwards, he was coronated as the king of Lanka. In the mean time, Baratha was awaiting the end of fourteen years and he was counting the days to welcome Rama. Earlier he told Rama, that if he doesn't return on the day, he will sacrifice his life in the fire. Hence Rama sent Hanuman with the message that he would soon return. When Baratha was about to enter the fire, he saw Hanuman coming through the sky and asked him to stop entering the fire. "Rama is returning. Do not enter the fire. Thus Baratha was saved and within a short time, he saw the chariot flying through the sky carrying Rama, Lakshmana and Sita. The chariot landed near Baratha. Rama hugged his brother and shed tears of joy. Baratha could not speak due to emotion. He fell at the feet of Sita and Lakshmana. The news of return of Rama from the forest was conveyed to all the citizens. The entire city was decorated with green leaves and festoons.

The chariot carrying Rama, Lakshmana and Sita reached Ayodhya. All the queen mothers waited at the outer gate to greet their son and daughter in law. An auspicious time was fixed for coronating Rama as the King. Thus Rama ascending the throne of Ayodhya was celebrated with all rituals and the entire Kingdom assembled and had feasts. Every one were hailing Rama's victory over the demons and He ruled for many years virtuously.(Concluded)


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