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Today is the birthday of Sri Sathya Sai Baba!

Updated on November 22, 2016

Young Sai

Truth has incarnated in the form of "Sathya"

Today, world celebrates the 91st birthday of Sri Sathya Sai Baba by organizing many spiritual and cultural activities. Probably there will be hardly a few people who might not have heard about Sathya Saibaba and His noble mission. It was a glorious saga of Love and compassion to the entire humanity, nay universe! His love encompassed all not only during his physical presence, but also forever! He incarnated for the sake of protecting human race from annihilation due to protracted wars, famine and atomic weapons which were stockpiled by certain Nations! He was born on the early morning hours on 23rd November 1926 in an obscure village not known or heard by many! He selected his mother to be. Yes, we mortals can select our spouse, but only incarnations will select the mother in whom they will take birth! Slow and steady wins the race! Yes, until his fourteenth year, he never exposed himself to any excepting during some urgent needs.

The teachers on those days were very strict on the boys. Punctuality was insisted at the risk of boys beaten up mercilessly by the teacher! Hence, the children will run to the primary school at the early hours of the day, braving cold weather and also barely clad. They were poor and hence could not afford a slate or writing materials. During those days, Sathya (his name during boyhood) used to come early, gather the children and teach them the various names of godhead. He will himself write 108 names of god copy them for all the boys and teach them to read or recite them every morning! When the boys lack slate, pencil or notebooks, Sathya instantly took them from an empty bag to the astonishment of the boys. He will also take out sweets, chocolates or peppermints for distributing after recital of 108 names! When the boys inquired how he brought all this from the empty bag, he used to reply that a demigoddess used to supply all he needs! This is to avoid further discussion on this subject by the boys! In later years, when Sathya Saibaba has started his full mission, the number of articles produced by him is legend. Almost every day, he used to manifest holy ash by the swift wave of his holy hands and pour it on the palm of recipients’ palm. Sometimes he will apply the ash to the brow of the visitor. Devotees have found that the holy ash had many curative properties as well as granting worldly needs! Initially people were attracted by the myriads of miracles he used to perform on daily basis! It is not materialization alone!

Early devotees

His miraculous ways of teaching us.

He will manifest in different places while attending people in Prasanthi Nilayam at Puttaparthi! Many events have been recorded by devout persons for the sake of future devotees. I have witnessed several of his miracles first hand! He performed the marriage of some devotee there! At the time of consummation of marriage, he manifested golden mangalya which will be tied by the bridegroom around the neck of bride for prosperity. In Western custom, rings are worn by the bride and bride groom during solemnization of the marriage in churches by Priests! In India, the tradition is tying the golden or even yellow thread around the neck of bride! Thus the marriages are celebrated! I witnessed the above within fifteen to twenty feet range! I have also witnessed Sathya Saibaba bringing a green Shiv Linga from his mouth during the Sivarathri celebrations during the year 1966. In the morning he performed holy ash pouring over the silver idol of Saibaba. A small vessel initially containing a small amount of ash is first poured over the idol and when it becomes empty; Saibaba inserted his bare hand inside the inverted vessel and rotate his hand briskly inside. Lo! Quantity of ash poured thereafter filled up the 3 feet silver idol to the astonishment of onlookers! The above miracles were personally witnessed by me at Prasanthi Nilayam. I got the rare opportunity to be given personal audience with Saibaba three or four times, during which he explained most of my pressing problems and assured that he will take care! Many eventful years passed and I used to visit the place every year for many years from 1965 to 1972. Later I could not make any trip there but I continued to rely on him for all my needs till day!

Shirdi Baba and Sathya Sai.

Transformation of the mind is the greatest miracle!

The most astounding miracles are his transformation of the minds of devotees towards noble and holy aims. He emphasized that service to man is service to God! He reiterated many times, Help Ever; Hurt Never! He himself was a moving example of service to human race! Once an obscure village turned into global center of spirituality for all the men and women throughout the globe! People from all religions whether they are Christians, Muslims or Parsis or Jains or of any other sect reached his abode throughout the year and silently waited for the holy seeing of His beautiful form! His mere look is enough to solve our problems! To some, he will enquire about their health and family. He treated all alike whether they are Indians or people from other countries. It is a miracle of sort that even people of China, Russia, Bahrain and other remote areas devotedly visited his place. Chinese New Year is celebrated every year in Prasanthi nilayam by the group of devotees from those places. Generally Muslims won’t honor or respect saints from other religions. But you can find that the entire world congregate there every time! For those who suffer lot of problems, he will invite them for a personal audience and assure them of His continued protection! What I learned at his feet is, our troubles are the results of our own actions previously. Out of ignorance, we followed the mind and entered forbidden places and committed many mistakes. Now it is time to retrace our steps back to Truth, Love, Peace and Non-violence!

His Mahasamadhi at Sai Kulwant Hall

Sathya Sai, an incarnation of God!

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