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Today is the day when Shirdi Baba attained Mahasamadhi!

Updated on October 30, 2011

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The previous Avatar, Shirdi Saibaba breathed his last on 15 October 1918, on Vijayadasami day around 2.30PM in Shirdi in Maharashtra(India). Today Vijayadasami is celebrated all over India as the final day of Dusserah celebrations. Hence I thought it would be prudent to pen a few lines about the great personality who adored Indian soil(1835-1918). Saibaba has stopped his regular activities few days before his passing away. He abstained from food and hence his health deteriorated. He was suffering from fever. Hence he stayed in his place(Masjid) engrossed in his own self. Devotees as usual gathered there to take his Divine Dharsan(view of the Divine Form) but they were concerned much about his failing health. Baba never revealed the date and time of his departure to any. But he has told some during the previous year,that Tatya Patel(his close devotee) will pass away on 15 Oct Vijayadasami day. Do not reveal it to Tatya since he will be shocked. The matter was known only to two devotees and they were worried about Tatya's health. Time fled past. It seems that Tatya was suffering from fever and he could not move from his bed. He could not visit Saibaba. On Vijayadasami day, Tatya's pulse become feeble and people thought his end was near. But a transformation took place. Saibaba passed away on that day and Tatya Patel recovered from fever and death. It seems Saibaba has replaced Tatya's name instead of Him. On 15 October, 1918, he asked the devotees to go to their place to take the lunch. On other days they have all took lunch alongwith Baba. They left the place with heavy heart and they were taking their food. In the midway, they got the pathetic news that Saibaba has left his mortal coil. It seems Baba was fully conscious until the last minute. He said he is not comfortable in the present place and He should be taken to the stone building which has been completed recently. After saying this words, He gave Rs.9/- to a lady devotee Lakshmi Bai. He laid his head on the shoulder of one devotee Bayaji and breathed his last. His mortal remains were entombed in Booti Vada. This place is now worshiped throughout the year and people all over the globe visits the place. Rest in next hub.

Shirdi Baba in old mosque


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