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Today, the Chief Accountant of Lord of Death is propitiated in India!

Updated on April 21, 2016

The full moon associated with Chitragupta worship!

Chitragupta, the keeper of human life accounts!!

This particular ‘full moon’ day is celebrated as “Chitra Paurnami” in India. There is much significance associated with the celebration today. The star “Chithrai” during the first month of the year as per Hindu calendar is doubly auspicious when it conjoins with a full moon day. It is believed by married women in India that when they worship “Chitragupta” who maintains the accounts of each individual on earth, assisting the Lord of death Yama, he favors them with longevity of their husbands, prosperity etc. They avoid curd, salt and partake only salt less rotis which was offered in worship to the accountant of Yama!

How much vigilant, the accountant must remain to record the events of each individual on earth and produce it to his Master, when called for? Yes, with the assistance of the accountant, the Lord of death snatches the lives of people on earth, when their end is indicated in the books. Once I heard interesting news from Sathya Saibaba, who said, “each baby, while taking birth on the earth is affixed with an ‘invisible’ return date on its brow! In India, the railway wagons contains a paint mark indicating the return month and year for repairs and maintenance like 3/16 or 4/20 etc. All the above indicate one irrevocable law that the human life is not a permanent affair. Every one has to return one day at a fixed hour whether he is on land, water or air. Yes, this much is ‘predefined’ based on his own past acts.

Why we have terms like ‘sin’ and merit in the religious scriptures of the world? They define that each action gets equal and opposite ‘reaction’. None can escape the past deeds! If he had performed merits, he will enjoy good time, if it is only sins, his life will become deplorable. Hence, we have today a variety of inequalities in the life of babies who are born in different families in different places. When I owe a sum to someone, who has lent it to me with certain conditions, I become a debtor to him. If unfortunately, the debtor dies before paying back the money, it is not considered as ‘bad debt’ in the books of the Lord. I have to comeback once again to repay every single loan I have taken. This is settled on earth by many different ways. The man who has lent me in my previous birth may be born as my son or daughter and I need to spend the exact amount on them without knowing that it is a past debt! Otherwise, if the father had lent the money, he will realize it from his son as a matter of duty to parents.

This is how, the entire lives of human beings are bound inextricably with the past and none can escape any deeds. Not only money, even physical hurt we have committed will come back with the same fury. Hence, someone gets into minor accidents and injure his limbs. It may look like an accident but it is redress of past debt. This applies to killings also. We find that several people involved in cross fires dies, though they were innocents passing through the scene. We find that in the internal wars, terrorism and other criminal acts, many women and children die. We can merely say that they have died due to the acts of rebels or terrorists. They were caught unaware in the tussle between the government and terrorists. Then there are natural calamities that happen all around the globe due to the fury of natural elements like floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornados, tsunami and severe famine. We are witnessing them more often in the present time, especially during the past few years. Many prophets have predicted about such unusual happenings when two malefic planets conjoined in the house of Scorpio (at present) and the planet Jupiter conjoining with Rahu, a malefic planet. Hence certain astrologers say that the period from 20th April 2016 to the end of June 2016 is the most inauspicious period for earth. Roughly two thirds of the population will be affected by severe climatic changes and wars between nations.

The only favorable prediction is the “Second Coming”, mentioned in the Bible and other Islamic prophesies about “Mehdi”. With the arrival of Lord of creation on the scenery, the situation will abruptly ease. Evil forces will be dealt with an iron hand by the Lord and the world will enjoy a continuous period of One Thousand Years with Peace and Harmony! Let us pray and hope for such good omens.

Chitragupta, the accountant!


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