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Today's Most Compelling Question: Answered

Updated on January 20, 2015
the word justice has often been talked about, but the real meaning and realization of it cannot be fully recognized by many up to now
the word justice has often been talked about, but the real meaning and realization of it cannot be fully recognized by many up to now

Life's Injustices: Are they Inevitable?

This post is in support of my first hub entitled Why Answering the Most Important Questions in the World may Seem Impossible.

I sincerely felt the need to follow up with a distinct answer from God's word, the bible, simply because of the fact that I know how it feels to ask this question and not be answered immediately. It feels frustrating. True to its sense, this is the reason why some people stopped even thinking about it, because the cases of injustices in the world do seem to be a bit overwhelming to think of. The fact is, some people have already given up asking, simply because they think that there is no use knowing the answer anymore. Some have even accepted the possibility that "this is simply what life is all about, nothing can be done about it but to accept everything else".

Although some might consider such pattern of thinking to be the most positive option of responding to the query over the rise of injustices and how God feels about it or what he plans to do to fix the situation, it is quite an injustice itself to simply accept that these things cannot be resolved anymore, especially if they happen to innocent individuals who do not even have anything to do with all the supposed badness surrounding them.

This brings us back to the question of that young girl who was held close enough by the Pope to supposedly give hope to the suffering soul of the young child....."why the innocent children"?

To gradually gain the logical explanation of why these things happen and how they are to be resolved, it would be best to know beforehand that life's injustices are solvable, they can be eliminated, they can be responded to. How?

The world's most circulated and translated book has the answer to our questions
The world's most circulated and translated book has the answer to our questions

For Certainly, God does not act Wickedly (Job 34:12)

James 1:13 follows up the worlds of Job by noting the fact that it would be a mistake to say: “I am being tried by God.” Why? Because “with evil things God cannot be tried, nor does he himself try anyone.”

True, to its sense, someone righteous will not use unrighteousness to even try those who trust in him with badness that would implicate sorrow and troubles to the ones he loves.

Of course, no loving would subject his child to a troublesome situation to willingly implicate pain in him, no matter what the reason may be. God takes on a greater stand in being a loving parent; to people today, his role as a guiding 'parent' is a loving provision that allows individuals to make a choice of whether or not they are going to the right thing.

Three Reasons for the Emergence of Injustice and Suffering

1. Our Unwillingness to follow the Gift of our Moral Compass

(Colossians 3:25)-Certainly the one who does wrong will be repaid for the wrong he has done, and there is no partiality

It is almost an innate desire of humans to be completely free. To be able to do what he wills to do with himself. This is the reason why matters of right and wrong have already been tainted by the changing culture of humans especially in relation to liberalization, or the distinct recognition of human freedom.

Our conscience, our moral compass, has become weaker and weaker especially with the way we feed its influence in our lives. The way we train our conscience with what is right and what is wrong shall identify the capacity it has to lead us to the right path in making the right decisions in our lives.

Due to the unwilling attitude of humans to be guided, we often make bad decisions and face the consequences accordingly. At times, when things get tough, we may find ourselves putting the fault on God, as if insisting that he could have done something to take us away from the situation we are in, but he didn't because he does not care...

Is this true? Is it justifiable to put blame on others for things that occur due to our own decisions?

2. Our Surroundings Affect our Life's Situation

There are innocent ones who suffer from things they have never done; from sins they have never committed.

What one does affect others; the chain reaction of our decisions are evident on how one mistake that we have made directly affects the emotional, mental, and at times the physical virtues of others surrounding us.

Going back to Glyzelle Palomar's question, this is the reason why the children suffer; this is the reason why the innocent are often the ones to suffer from the pain that others' decisions have put them through. This is the sad truth of how the way of living among members of the modern society affect the emergence of injustices in the world.

3. There is an uncontrollable force behind it all; and it is not God

1 John 5:19 We know that we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.

The thinking of humans have become even more coveted with the ideas of immorality and corruption. This is not an isolated case; the truth is, the situation happens around the globe. A reason why the victims of injustice rises continuously amidst all the efforts of social agencies that are practically dedicated to providing extensive support to those who are oppressed.

It is rather puzzling to think that compared to the situations ten years ago, there is already an increase of at least 15% of the rise of organizations and independent agencies dedicated to providing support to the oppressed ones and the vulnerable members of the society, the rise of individuals suffering from such injustices continue to rise accordingly.

This is an obvious proof that there is something far more than just human works that ensures the emergence of thoughts and possibilities of injustice in the world today; something that is beyond the control of the law, something that is beyond the control of humans.

There is hope, and it is God who gives such hope to those who are trusting in him...
There is hope, and it is God who gives such hope to those who are trusting in him...

Learn from Christ's Sermon on the Mount

The famous Sermon on the Mount (noted in the Bible at Mathew chapter 5) notes on how the supposed oppressed individuals today would be lifted up from their poor situation in life. How they would be taken off from the burdens they are carrying and how the innocent ones are finally going to enjoy the life that they deserve to have.

This is further supported by the message noted in Psalms 37: 10, 11 which points out that such wonderful situation could be gained by those who are meek; the ones who strongly trust in God's capacity to change everything and make life even better. The said text further insists on the fact that such even would happen on earth; for humans to enjoy the meaning of what real life is about according to God's original purpose.

We need to make a choice today....

I remember how one youth asked me, what hope do those children [the ones referred to by Glyzelle Palomar in her speech] today? Would they wait for the future promise for them to be redeemed from their situation?

No. They could be redeemed from such situation even during these days.

Again... we go back to the ideal utilization of our free will; the capacity to decide for ourselves; the capacity to control our lives today.

God himself gives us the chance to make the best out of our life today. The willingness we have to embrace his laws, be guided by his words and be given distinct guidance through his loving and protective rules, we sure are to take a definite option of better living; one that may not be free of problems, but one that is surely fulfilling and satisfying amidst all the supposed wickedness that the world may subject us to.

Let the Bible give us a chance to know more about the answers to the questions we may have in mind


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