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Fragments of the Mont Order

Updated on March 15, 2016

Are the Books of the Mont Order Real?

A voluminous book has leaked and circulated for free online, inspiring theories of an ancient and secretive order called the Mont Order. With the length of an immense religious tome, The Work of the Mont Order tells the mythology of an apparent rogue religious order with a mysterious creed and agenda.

It is possible that this book is an elaborate hoax. However, who would create it, and why? Reading through one version of the book available online,[1] it appears badly edited in certain places, as if sections of the book are poor translations or obscure terminology has been altered in a vain attempt to make the work more comprehensible. In actual fact, it is still mostly impossible for any layperson to decipher, and was clearly not written for outsiders. No scholarly analysis of it has been published, so this essay will give a breakdown of some of the more clearly communicated parts of the book.

What exists in The Work of the Mont Order is the plan or poem of an apparently relentless and eternal group that believes it will decide the future the world. "We have crafted the past, and the future is the empty canvas made for us",[2] the book asserts. Whoever wrote the book clearly meant to communicate and sell their plan, and whoever leaked it to the world intended to expose them. Or, in the event of a hoax, to frame someone else in a grand conspiracy.

The Mont Order's Menacing Power and Responsibility

Although it is hardly scientific to believe an ancient underground society exists in any form (to say nothing of the claim it possesses great power), there is something compelling in the idea. This can be seen in how the internet content on the Mont Order has proliferated and attracted its own brand of truth-seekers.[3] Even more astonishing is the fact a small group of digital activists really claims to be "the Mont Order",[4] perhaps in an effort to rebuild something else that once existed.

Read into the depths of The Work of the Mont Order, and you will find claims truly unprecedented. Fragments of allegedly even older texts called the "Remnants" at the preface of the immense book have the definite quality of ancient parables, although what they say is much more disturbing. Among these parables is one about the creation of the Universe.

According to the Mont Order's account in the book, the Order consisted of the first humans, and was founded at the beginning of time.[5] The story seems to run parallel to the Bible's Book of Genesis and associated accounts in the Qur'an, placing the human form at the center of a grand plan for the Universe, but there is more.

The Mont Order, according to its codified mythology in the book, discovered fire. Perhaps this means to say Prometheus, the titan of Greek myth, was a member of the Order. Could it be a literal claim that proto-human primitives founded the Order before the human form had fully developed on Earth? The belief that fire and knowledge came to humanity from a great hero is not limited to ancient Europe but is universal, found in every culture in the world. The Aztecs even credited the deity Quetzalcoatl with the same deed.[6]

A figure much like Prometheus is identified as a "Holy Thief" in the lore of the Mont Order, and described as the first man to have joined the ancient cult. The Work of the Mont Order declares in its Remnants chapter, "The Holy Thief was the first son of Mont. He had climbed a high place to reach the clouds. And there, he had stolen a vessel of fire from beside the throne of God in heaven."[7] Therefore, as we read in the text, the Thief set the group's course as an eternal Order consisting of humanity's greatest destroyers and builders, who could guide humanity across the millennia that followed.

There are unexplained parallels, already mentioned, of the myth of a hero who gave fire and knowledge to humanity, in all ancient cultures despite geographic separation by great oceans and the barriers of language. The Native Americans are known to have held an eerily similar story of their own.[8] The idea of a single ancient global Order, pervading all cultures and societies and guiding them to final unity, could explain the existence of such a myth. It might also explain the very gradual socio-cultural progression of the world's political systems towards a single global government over the course of generations.[9] On the other hand, we must be cautioned that believing such a theory is romanticism, as practiced by some truth-seekers who begin to believe even in benevolent extraterrestrial overseers and guides among the stars like guardian angels.[10]

Whether people choose to see the Mont Order as hidden protectors or not, the rumored group has a dark side. In fact, this dark side may be more overpowering than any other attribute of the Mont Order, even according to its own writings. Try to interpret the following part of the text:

"O ancestors, why is it written in the chapel of the Order, knowing the meaning of light, that you still put rats aboard your ships and carry their pestilence to your own land, where the corruption is high and all life has degraded and fallen into terrible squander? Surely you have foreseen what days would follow in the plague’s trail! So, with death, come light into our repentant hearts."[11]

Does the Mont Order claim responsibility for the Black Death as an attempt to fight humanity's "corruption", and then express regret over it and the deaths of its own members in trying to spread it? Or is this bluster, an attempt to create a sense of menacing power and responsibility over global disasters and conflicts?

Mont Order Book Contains Immense Graphic Detail

Whatever the case, most of the Mont Order book reads nothing like bragging at all. It is in fact an immense and detailed set of instructions and poetic verses, stretched across many pages, much of it talking about the apparent art of manipulating history and civilization itself. Three chapters, "Splitting History",[12] "Transformation and Recreation",[13] and "The Expiry of Oppression",[14] detail how it is to be done.

The Mont Order calls its supposed control over human history "intervention" or the "splitting". This is defined in The Work of the Mont Order in the following way:

"The transformational period will witness a struggle amidst the destructive advancement towards equilibrium. The world is in the throes of transformation to a new constellation, which will be one of two possible constellations. The worse outcome is an oppressive and dominated constellation founded by the strong, while the better outcome is guaranteed by the Order in the interests of the whole of mankind on the earth. The time for our participation is here! Small participation is now capable of producing significant good outcomes for us."[15]

The "splitting" refers to something violent, not encouraged by the Mont Order in "normal times", and saved for moments of great crisis in history. "Splitting" creates war or some other disaster, driving humanity into opposing camps. As the text reads, "The time of historical splitting is the period of transformation, when the Order’s intervention is inevitable".[16] The Order will support "diverse expression of the two potential destructive transformational courses",[17] to apparently leave the conflict or disaster to be resolved by whichever side is strongest or more capable.

Despite favoring strength and capability in crisis situations, the Order, in line with any good Christian order, does look on the meek as the rightful inheritors of the earth in the long term.[18] However, it then asserts that there is no alternative but for them to gain strength through numbers to overwhelm their tormentors. As such, "splitting" is not normally favored because the violence might occur at the wrong time and only result in a new victory for the existing rulers and "bought" or corrupt people, so the Mont Order only favors such violence when it believes its own factions will win.

According to its book, the Mont Order was aggressively opposed to feudalism, and fanatically committed to republican causes in the late Eighteenth Century. It writes of the "French precedent"[19] and the "French regime",[20] creating parallels between its own name and the Montagnard[21] faction responsible for exterminating French aristocrats in the mass beheadings of the Reign of Terror. Instead of the French motto, "Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité", the Mont Order glorifies itself in its own similar slogan, writing only "Inheritance, Equilibrium, Order" to declare its three essential pillars. The Order advises, "If all three of the conditions of the triumph of advancement are not met, then none of them are met."[22]

Although the Mont Order portrays itself as the guiding force behind the French Revolution by claiming to be the very Montagnard faction responsible, it expresses grave disappointment with France, believing that the country has failed the Order and was not pure enough. This is alluded to when the Mont Order decries all prior revolutions in history, writing that they were not extreme enough. The Order's book asserts, "The former movements we fashioned to be revolutionary were not truly revolutionary, as they ultimately became eventual draughts of the incurable regime of oppression on the earth and collaborators with an oppressive camp of the powerful states. In the times of historical splitting, we have been gifted with an opportunity to escape this weakness."[23] In asserting this, the Mont Order is claiming that it will create a more extreme revolution and achieve ultimate victory the next time, by "expanding the Mont ideals of the overthrow of the French regime" towards a "supreme priority".[24]

The Mont Order's Broken Plans

Perhaps more insulting to the Order was the fact the Montagnards in France vanished, driven from their seat of power and into nonexistence in the events of the "Thermidorian Reaction". The fanatical leading Montagnards were seemingly all caught and killed in the coup of that name to end their terror campaign.[25] The group subsequently disappeared, fitting with the Mont Order's accounts of its own past disappearances and attempts to hide its existence.[26] Another group referred to as the Montagnards also emerged as a revolutionary leftist faction during the failed European revolutions of 1848,[27] which are not referenced in The Work of the Mont Order.

Darkest of all that can be read from the strange book, the ancient authorities behind the Mont Order declare a right to guide and even rule the world if needed. This, the Order justifies by its apparent feats of endurance and immortality. If it has surpassed the age and wisdom of every other group or doctrine in history, the Mont Order is the first organization ever created. As the first Order, the first organization, created by God at the dawn of time, the Order's scribes write of themselves as the beginning and the end, the first and final authority in the Universe. In the Order's own words, nation-states are irrelevant "false vessels",[28] the entire world must yield to become a united community, and "That community could be only Mont, alone on the earth, united."[29]

Whatever the Mont Order was, there is evidence of its powerlessness and perhaps its fading into nonexistence. With the failure of the "real" Mont Order to surface, only imposters can be found, using Twitter and other social media websites to glorify themselves. [30] The Mont Order is either unwilling or unable to silence its detractors and mockers in the modern world, even after apparent centuries of survival as a secret order.

Currently, it is reasonable to say there is no such thing as the Mont Order. Even The Work of the Mont Order says in its appendices that the real Mont Order fractured and disappeared in the year 1999. Later reports claim the Order lives on in the minds of some loyalists like an ideal, and these men went on to continue their work through "friendly" names and organizations.[31]


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