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Canadian Astrologers: The Media's Top 5

Updated on May 29, 2016
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Sylvia Sky, M.A., astrologer and Tarot professional, author of Sun Sign Confidential: The Dark Side of All 12 Zodiac Signs at Amazon.

One of Canada's Top Five

Canadian astrologer Nadiya Shah's website has weekly forecasts and video monthly forecasts.
Canadian astrologer Nadiya Shah's website has weekly forecasts and video monthly forecasts.

From Ottawa to Vancouver

Here are Canada's top five Internet astrologers, listed in alphabetical order. Canadian astrology columnists are durable: Four on this list have been online since the 1990s, and each is an Internet pioneer.

  • Deborah Browning, also called Deborah Fenlon-Browning, syndicates primarily her weekly column to printed and online outlets through, established back in 1996. Her accomplishment is having computerized a daily horoscope that doesn't read as if it's computerized. For as little as $9.95, will email you an instant computerized natal horoscope or your dog's natal horoscope ($14.95), among many other kinds. Browning is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. See her weekly horoscope for every sign here.
  • Astrologer Eugenia Last of has as her slogan is "The ancient art of astrology is the modern art of timing," and her totally original, non-computerized forecasts (I like her weekly forecasts) tell the best times to take action or hold back. Under the heading "Readers Mail," Last answers every week three questions selected from those sent to her by readers, Ann Landers-style. Based in Ontario, Last does confidential individual consultations for a very reasonable $100 U.S., although you might have to wait your turn. The "Quicklink" drop-down menu on her site might not work, so scroll to the page bottom to access pages of her very basic-looking website.
  • Georgia Nicols, formerly a theater and movie critic, is "Canada's most widely read astrologer," with original daily and weekly columns published internationally, as far away as China. Her sassy one-liners and innuendos (read them at score high on entertainment value. Late every month Nicols appears on GlobalTV giving predictions for the coming month; the videos capture her wit and sparkle. Nicols will send her companionable weekly horoscope free to your email address every Sunday. Also a bestselling author in Canada, this Vancouver-based astrologer says she is too busy to do private readings, but says her daughter does them.
  • From Vancouver, Lasha Seniuk and her team run, offering a fine free and original weekly horoscope. "Some Aquarians may also encounter a sudden financial reversal or large payment," mine said: woe is me, it was true! Seniuk offers a taste of her daily horoscopes by publishing solely the Thursday horoscope for each week; $14.95 monthly buys you all seven days for all signs. Mystic Stars columns have appeared in print since 1984 and online since the early '90s. All sorts of horoscopes, including phone consultations, are for sale through this well-designed and dignified site. Seniuk is also a poet and short-story writer. In her area she is a media personality and also called a psychic.
  • Nadiya Shah's weekly horoscopes are for reading but her monthly horoscopes are for watching. Unlike the above astrologers who have been on the Net since the 1990s, Shah became a full-time astrologer in 2006. She wrote syndicated horoscopes for three years, but in 2009 began generating monthly video horoscopes for each sign and a WebTV show, mostly interviews with other astrologers or diviners, vieweable on Shah, from Toronto, practices Western astrology and has no "foreign accent." Clients requesting customized reports will receive a 9- or 10-minute video report, priced at $89.95 CAD, rather than a written one. Shah is an experienced palmist and also reads Tarot cards.

Each of the above astrologers (or as they are sometimes called in Canada and the U.K., "astrologists") has a unique trait, talent or reading to offer. Browse them!

Sylvia Sky, experienced astrologer, reviews online horoscope and psychic sites for quality and accuracy. Copyright 2013 by Sylvia Sky. Sylvia does not select or endorse the ads appearing on her pages. Contact her at


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