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Top UFO Sightings of 01/2010

Updated on June 17, 2012

UFO sightings in 2010

Many speculated ufo sightings in 2010 would come in large numbers, and it did. In all corners of the world, people have witnessed what they believe to be extraterrestrial aircraft flying through the skies, day and night. While many can be dismissed as hoaxes, others ufo sightings can't be explained in 2010. This leads ufo believers asking, which ufo sightings in 2010 are legitimate?

1. UFO sighting in Mexico

Mexico is known to have received many UFO sightings over the years. People continue to report seeing unidentified flying objects in and near Mexico. The UFO sighting was caught on tape by someone who witnessed the sighting.

This is a valuable sighting to the UFO community because this sighting actually takes place during the day time. Day time UFOs are rare and hardly ever caught on tape. The video to the right shows the footage that was captured in Mexico this year.

2. Santa Cruz, California amateur UFO sighting video

On YouTube, a video was recorded by someone who claims to have seen an UFO while going to their porch. The video shows lights in the sky that have left many people debating whether or not the video is actual evidence of an UFO sighting. The camera was being moved around a lot in this video, which makes it easy to believe that the video was faked.

During the time of year the video was recorded, it could have been a large list of things. SOS lights, Chinese lanterns, etc. No one will ever know what was actually captured in this video. Watch the video to the right.

3. Mass UFO sighting in China viewed by millions

A mass UFO sighting took place January 11, 2010 in China. According
to the information received on this report, millions of people saw the
object. The China media captured images of the incident. Images were captured on the event.

Search mass china ufo sightings of 2010 and you will get to view some nice pics captured during this event and other less known sightings.

4. UFO sighting near Prairie Farm

UFO sightings were reported near Prairie Farm two nights in a row. Barron County Sheriff's Department dispatchers took the calls about the sightings. According to the calls, there were a group of strange lights hovering throughout the sky. Most of those who reported the incident insist that they seen UFOs but authorities claim it was nothing unusual and their is a logical explanation for what was seen on those nights.

The first call took place January 4, 2010 at 8:30 p.m. The call was by a frantic individual claiming that they seen some strange lights throughout the sky about 1 mile south of Prairie Farm. The object had flashing red, blue and green lights. The object was flashing in the sky, moving at very slow speeds and giving off no sounds whatsoever. The person said after a while watching the lights, it started to move but at very slow speeds.

During this time, two police officers responded to the call. These two deputies also reported seeing the object in the sky. After that, a third deputy was sent to the scene and observed two objects in the sky. One of these officers say it must have been a satellite or airplane, but the other officers say that it was an UFO

The second night UFO sighting was reported exactly 8:22 p.m on January 5, 2010. Dispatchers at the Barron County Sheriff's Department received another report about a similar UFO that was seen the previous night. A local resident of Prairie Farm by the name of Lois Johnvin reported the time the lights were situated. The description of the object was the lights were blue/green and white. The weird thing is the lights were "bouncing up and down in the sky", while the physical object remained in the same place.

The Sheriff's Department started getting more and more calls about the incident later on that night. From Rice Lake to Cameron, UFO sightings were spotted. The objects of each part were described as the same object, having red, blue, green and white lights. The authorities still claim it to be a satellite.

Johnvin said she recorded the incident on camcorder but the authorities didn't take her seriously. They dismissed the entire incident, claiming that it was a satellite in the sky. Johnvin and her next door neighbor say that the lights they seen in the sky were beautiful, moving throughout the sky and exploding like fireworks.

5. UFO sighting near Bassingbourne

In an area near Bassingbourn, an UFO was spotted in a village on Sunday. The sighting took place that evening and was observed by a number of individuals. It was described as a glowing ball hovering over Bassingbourn. The UFO was said to be traveling in the direction of Melbourn. This was reported January 17, 2010.

A person by the name of Elizabeth Phillips said her partner contacted her after not having contact with his son, when suddenly he saw the object hovering across the night sky. The strange ball of light was seen by Elizabeth Phillips, as well as many other people in the community. It was described simply as a ball of light.

6. UFO Sighting in Shrewsburg

An UFO sighting took place in Shrewsbury.A person by the name of Gary Jones spotted something unusual in the sky over Monkmoor, which made him take the decision of using his mobile phone camera to record the event.

The following link is to the video that Gary Jones recorded on his cell phone.Take a look at the video and share your opinion about it.

In the U.K, there are three reported sightings of "Dorrito" shaped ufo sightings in 2010
In the U.K, there are three reported sightings of "Dorrito" shaped ufo sightings in 2010

7. Dorito ufo sightings

A sighting of an aircraft the shape of the famous dorito chip has been sighted and reported three times in three years. The first sighting ocurred in the U.K November 28, 2007. It was Wednesday evening at 7pm when witnesses reported the sighting. A local ufo study group called UFORM released information to the press stating the witnesses claim to have seen a strange triangular shaped craft hovering and moving at extreme speed. This is where the Dudley ufo name comes from.

Since then, two more sightings were witnessed. The image on the right are photos of the dorito ufo sightings in 2010.


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    • Peter Geekie profile image

      Peter Geekie 4 years ago from Sittingbourne

      Dear Mr William,

      Thank you for a well written and researched article.

      The existence of UFO's has been documented for centuries, long before man learned to fly. The Govt. bodies take an extraordinary interest in objects which some say don't exist, so much so that there may be some truth in the sightings. I believe the evidence of my own eyes and can assure you I am no spotty faced geek.

      Voted up, awesome and interesting

      kind regards Peter

    • profile image

      piloha fertas 5 years ago

      you all believe in the ufo's?

    • Acdov profile image

      Acdov 6 years ago from Liverpool , England

      Your all mad........

    • futonfraggle profile image

      futonfraggle 6 years ago

      A Dorito UFO! That's a new one. It looks like it has a paint job, too. Weird.

    • RedmanBrendan profile image

      RedmanBrendan 6 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      You should have mentioned the Norway spiral that was "caused by a rocket launch"! Absolutely crazy story!

      Oh and I just published a hub that has some declassified NSA documents that are, well, crazy.

    • profile image

      cole 6 years ago any grapes?

    • PaperNotes profile image

      PaperNotes 7 years ago

      There are indeed many strange things happening around us that are sometimes hard to believe, the presence of UFO is among them.

    • Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 7 years ago

      Has anyone ever heard of U.N.O.O.S.A.?

    • tom hellert profile image

      tom hellert 7 years ago from home

      Good Hub- U jave seen a few UFOs in my day and they were not always the classical triangle or shiny silver ball-

      So seeing those videos can be a little hard to see but the only trouble Ihaveis sometime you lose context in the sky I know what was in the sky- or NOT in the ky when I saw them



    • profile image

      markbennis 7 years ago

      I saw two on different occasions near my home, the first time I saw a silverfish metallic orb in the sky from my garden, at first I thought it was maybe a balloon high up but it did not go anywhere for 20 minutes just stayed in the same position.

      The second time was strange me and my partner saw a similar looking orb but this one acted different, first it was a kind of red/orange colour almost glowing metallic, but it had been moving in a very strange way. It moved slowly in one direction and then seemed to dip and fast tracked backwards and it kept doing this until it was out of view beyond the roofs of the houses, strange stuff.

    • coolbreeze profile image

      Rik Rodriguez 7 years ago from Hawaii

      I saw one when I was a kid.

    • profile image

      w10-384-71 7 years ago

      ok, look, i currently work at area 51, hense the reason i put my workers tag as my name just to show you guys. now, there has been people inside the facility saying that the government is covering up a project, i have recently heard from a co-worker that they are using an element called 115, and what they are apparently doing is adding more protons to this element, causing it to shoot up to 116, as this element cannot withstand this much energy, it causes it to explode, and thats what causes these "UFO's" to travel at such high speeds, one of my co-workers confirms that he clocked this craft at approximately 3647 MPH, now you all must know that, that is the fastest that any US aircraft has travelled, there is no USAF craft/jet that travels that fast. i have recently been trying to get out of my facility so that i can see what is going on, but we are always confined to our own projects nobody elses.

      If anybody is seriously interested in following up on this apparent phenomenon, email me, as i could possibly get u a clearance pass onto the 0600 JANET Flight directly into area 51. It is a very risky operation, but extremely worth it.

    • profile image

      Chris 7 years ago

      What if aliens already owned the Earth but we humans just didnt know it and only those in power do know it.

      This would explain that with every runner for president that claims they will "reveal the truth about UFO's and aliens once in power" then they do not as the truth is far more sinister.

    • profile image

      sarah 7 years ago

      i saw something in the sky near my house during the day. first i thought it was a star but it was way too big. it didnt look like any of those but me and my brother were driving home and we saw this bright silvery thing in the sky and it wasnt moving at all. just sitting there. it couldnt have been very far cuz it was a good size. when we went around the trees to get a better look at it it was gone. we looked everywhere and couldnt find it. i dunno what it was but im pretty sure it was a ufo. i would like to find out exactly what we saw that day. was bout a month ago.

    • steve8miller profile image

      Steven Miller 7 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      This really does not surprise me one bit, the time is near.

    • GreyMoon profile image

      GreyMoon 8 years ago

      LOL in the second youtube video you can hear fireworks going off.. Those videos could be of anything.

      That said thanks for sharing.

    • Slice Of Life profile image

      Slice Of Life 8 years ago from United States

      Interesting hub...thanks for sharing!