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Traditional Christians Should Be Acutely Aware Of The Leaven Of Ecumenism...

Updated on December 31, 2014

Traditional Christians Should Be Acutely Aware Of The Leaven Of Ecumenism...

Just how the Christ warned His disciples about the Leaven of The Pharisees, it would be just as prudent to be on guard about the Leaven of those who are spreading and worshipping at the feet of Ecumenism, which is defined as a movement promoting unity among Christian churches or denominations. We have even gone farther by including faiths that have no traditions with the traditional teachings of the Christ... it was during the tragedy of 911, when, as a Traditional young Christian, still partaking only of milk, I wanted to know why was Oprah allowed to convoke many religions under the umbrella of Ecumenism, at Yankee Stadium during the epochal tragedy, and, moreover, why traditional Christians took part. I know how it sounds and would have looked had the modern pillars of the Traditional Christian faith had said no to Oprah. The secular media and even many Christians would have said to those who refused: look at the division you are fostering. But refusing to convoke at Yankee Stadium with those who believe in doctrines devilishly at polar opposites of the traditions of Christ would have been in the right of not mixing oil with water.

I once saw on the Internet, the late Pope John Paul, surrounded with the representatives of many of the world’s religions - among those on stage were animals used in sacrifices and Voodoo priests… celebrating with the Pope… if you think that I am lying, you may look this up on the Internet. Now, anyone who reads the Bible and have an inkling of the Word, knows that such convocations under the auspices of Ecumenism cannot be found in the Bible. And do not tell me about how the Christ hanged out with hookers and tax collectors, which is true - but He did so to preach and convey the Gospel to the so called dregs of society; as He succinctly puts it, those who are well… have no need of a physician. But look at how crafty those who posit Ecumenism are… they can and will accuse you of being divisive and then that belief morphs into and takes root that those who believe and practice Traditional Christianity are haters and dividers.

Show me in the Bible where you see any of the Christ believers worshipping among idols - tell me where in the Bible that God did not warn the Children of Israel about the worshipping of false gods (what is the very first Commandment that He gave to Moses - Thou shall have not have any gods before Me: Exodus 20:1-3) Lest we forget that it was the worship of other gods and idols, by the wives of the great King Solomon, why he fell from grace… and note well that Solomon himself did not worship these gods nor did he worship idols, but he allowed his wives to do so in God’s holy temple.

In the same theme and vein of this blog is that you have heard that how the Traditional or the Fundamentalist Christians are wary of Governor Mitt Romney, who is presently leading the Republican candidates for the pending Presidency… no one wants to say it, but I am going to. Many of us Traditional Christians who are skeptical of Governor Mitt Romney are being so because we see the Mormon faith as having a veneer of Christ’s teachings, but it becomes idolatry if Joseph Smith is put in the mix, along with the teaching of smith’s receipt of the Mormon Bible from an angel. What scripture in the traditional Bible gives credence to such apostasy? I will say again that this is why God gave the Apostle Paul the divine insight, which says… “But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to what we have preached to you, he is to be accursed.”

The Leaven of Ecumenism, along with other perversions, is being used to make the Traditional Christian feel that he or she is a divider and that they are not even representing the Christ. Do not fall for such nonsense or feel guilty under the guise of Ecumenism, which has the appearance of a sheep, but indeed if you look closely is a wolf. Next time you hear Oprah or some celebrity saying that God/Jesus represents every religion… take note what the Bible says in John 14:6, “I am the way and the truth and the life… no one comes to the father except through me!”


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