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Transcendence from the physical

Updated on October 20, 2015


As people get older they prepare themselves to be older and older. To be and act like an adult is a robotic thing to do, when all you have to do is just transition into adulthood. To say to yourself, oh I am an adult now, I must act this way, and look this way, I have to follow what the other adults do. That is the “supposed” to thinking, the robotic thinking. It is OK to do what society wants you to do, but everything has to have a balance and you have to have an independent mind. A person needs to have an independent mind so that he or she can be able to think on their own, having the power of discernment knowing what is right and what is wrong. For a person to have a mind, a mind has to be cultivated by common sense, knowledge, wisdom, and great thinking ability that come from the consciousness. If a person does not have this, he/she is just society’s robot and has a mind made specifically by society. This person really does everything strictly by the book, and they do everything they are “supposed” to do.

The mind can pick up on patterns and anything that looks like a tradition. It is limited beliefs systems that ages people quickly. Limiting the mind instead of expanding the consciousness puts the person in a matrix system. As the mind does this the mind will map out what he or she is “supposed” to look like at age 20, at age 30, at age 40, and so forth. Age is a state of mind. Being in a process of transcendence whereas you use the spiritual to manipulate the physical just by giving to Caesar what is Caesars and giving to God what is God’s. By doing this you are putting the God first which dwells inside your body’s temple before limited beliefs systems, religions, and all forms of ego identities. When you go into transcendence you can be 100 years old and look like you are 20 years old. Being in transcendence, giving to Cesar what is Caesar and God what is God’s is an energy, a Christ energy that dwells in your body’s temple. Remember Christ said, “Why do you put your traditions before me”. A person that only knows the physical world will not understand this, but if you can grasp the spiritual, the metaphysical, go beyond the physical level in thinking than you can understand.


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    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 2 years ago from Shelton

      a very interesting read my friend :)