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Travel Tips From A Reluctant Traveler

Updated on September 21, 2015

Tip #1: Examine your preboarding information

Relieve yourself of the responsibility of doing the impossible. That is God's special prerogative. Don't shorcut the process. Remind yourself in flight, it is going to be all right but not necessarily easy.

Tip #2: Protect the integrity of the journey

Personhood is realized in process. Identity is not a by-product of activity. Identity is not a by-product of relationships. Identity is a gift from God.

Personhood is practiced in integrity.

Tip #3: Avoid the tourist traps

Trap number one: A false nametag. Remove the old tatters of false nametags, and wipe clean the label for your true identity. It isn't always easy to drop a false nametag because negatives can hinder that positive action.

Trap number two: Faulty Connections. Check the connections. Make sure they work in the reality of everyday.

The burden of wearing a False Nametag

  1. We like the false nametag. We may feel a false nametag has served us well; therefore, we consider it standard equipment.
  2. We fear the response. When we discard that false nametag, we have to consider our immediate society, which may have been more at ease with the fake than the real. We have sympathize with their loss as we celebrate our gain.

Tip #4: Trust Your Guide

You can trust God's plan for your life because Jesus Christ became man.

You can trust God's plan for your life because Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd.

You can trust God's plan for your life because He is holding you in the palm of His hand.

You can trust God's plan for your life because He plants good seed.

You can trust God's plan for your life because He uses broken pieces.

You can trust God's plan for your life because He listen to you.

You can trust God's plan for your life because God keeps His promises.

Leave your extra baggage.

Tip #5: Discard Old Luggage Tags.

Luggage tag remnant 1: False Expectations, a deceptive hint of rosiness that can lead to the blackest despair. Throw away the old luggage tags of false expectations.

Luggage tag remnant 2: Fantacy Travel, a lackluster shade of fading green, which leads us away from the vibrant hue of reality. Recognize the tares, but celebratr the wheat. Remember, what might have been never was!

Luggage tag remnant 3: Foolish Itinerary. Have you ever traveled with someone who never saw a new place and was never satisfied with the itinerary? This person always finds some fault in the sights. Tear up that foolish itinerary and chart a realistic course.

Tip #6: Learn How to Get Back on Track

Align your assessment with God's, and His grasshoppers will be stronger than the enemy's giants. In your dilemma, direct your thoughts to follow the crumbs that fed the multitude. That path leads to the mountaintop. Turn your dilemma over to God before your boats turn over in the storm.

Recipe for productive life.

Is Christ at Home in Your Life?

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Tip #7: Remember, If the Traveler Is Redeemed, the Trip Is, Too.

Make Him known in the pig sty, or you'll never make Him Known. A lot of runaway Christian don't know God has provided a means by which they can be restored to productivity, right there in the pig sty: the confession of sin. Confession equips you to move out of the pig sty.

Praise God in His discipline. Get right with Him through confession of sin or your life will never get right.Don't hold God to your plan. Don't wait until you land to get your act together. Look to your housekeeping- now and in flight!

Tip #8: Read the Schedule Carefully

Don't let feeling exercise authority over your flight. Treat them to a good dose of facts long before you get out the sweet-smelling salve of self-pity.

Consider the feelings. How they grow. They spoil not, neither do they win. Yet Solomon in all his glory couldn't handle them. Is it right for you to be angry?

You can trust God's timetable. A true expression of love is never wasted. Today, this day in your life, thank somebody, comfort somebody, surprise somebody with a note of "I Love You." In His good time, God will see that it is a blessing- maybe even you.

Tip #9: Don't Forget Your Carry-on Luggage

You and I have checked our itinerary, clarified our identification, chosen an excellent Guide, freed ourselves from improper luggage tags, but our travel plans aren't complete. Our carry-on luggage now needs attention. What must we have with us at all times? I offer five principles that can give you assurance during the trip.

  1. He is always with you. His fellowship make your flight plan valid. All His sparrow get His full attention.
  2. He enjoys knowing you. Allow God the laughter of His love. Then cuddle up in thr love of His laughter.
  3. His love runs deep. Put aside reluctance. Put God's gift and never take it off. It's a style just right for successful traveling.
  4. He expects you to celebrate now. Celebration in the now. Don't save all your joy for memories.
  5. His plan for your life is now. God's plan for your life is not past tense or hidden in the obscurity of the future. It is continuous. God's will is always current.


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