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Tribes their own cultural tradition

Updated on March 21, 2016

tribal God




Tribes have their own music, stories, language and paintings

A tribe is a group of two to three generations living together in small settlements or villages. Honey and fruits collecting from the trees, gathering, farming, herding and fishing are the occupations of tribal people. Most of the agricultural work is done by trail women. Women also thresh, husk and grind grains. A large herd of animals is led by men. Both men and women clean animals and milk them, makes pots, baskets, tools and huts. They also actively participate in singing, dancing and decorating their huts. In tribes, leaders are usually men, who may be old or experienced or young, brave warriors or priests. Old women are respected for their wisdom and experience.

Tribes their own cultural tradition. They have their own music, stories, language and paintings. They have their own gods and goddesses. Tribal people regard land, forest, grassland and water as their wealth. These are shared and used by everybody together. There are no visible differences between rich and poor.

Tribes in India




Life style of Chenchus

I enquired Chemchura, whether they have the same costumes as of Gondas. She said `No, our traditions, customs clothing and language are different'.

We belong to the tribe called `Chenchu'. The Chenchu people live in Nallamala forests of our state. Mainly, they are found in the districts of Mahaboobnagar, Kurnool, Guntur and Prakasham. They speak Chenchu which is similar to Telugu.

Chenchus food is quite different from our food. She gave a lot of additional, interesting information. They depend mainly on forest for their food. That is why, they worship the forest as `Adavi Thalli'. They collect different fruits like pomegranate, mango, roe apple (Neredu) etc., different roots and Tamarind from forests and eat them as food. Chenchus are experts in collecting honey. Parents and elders hunt the forest pigs, deer etc., with the help of small arrows and knives and share the meat with all. But, they never hunt small animals like rabbits and sparrows.

The food items collected from forests is sold at the weekly fair and the required grains like Jowar etc., are purchased. Some people, especially the pregnant women eat tamarind along with the ash of the tamarind seed as food. It is their belief that this gives more strength. Chenchus are not interested in money, savings and other things. They depend on the forest every day for their life.

Chances and their relatives a live together at a place by constructing huts. These are called `Pentas' like sunni penta. Some pentas together are known as villages. Each village will have a head. He is called the `Head man' (pedda manishi). The main deities are God `Lingaiah' (Lord Shiva) and the goddess `Chenchu'. They perform pujas (devotee) in the month of Magha and Children, elders and all the people participate actively in these pujas.


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      madugundu krishna 

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      Very informative hub


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