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Postmortem For A Great Friend: Ugonna Igweatu

Updated on November 2, 2012

The Musician

I've been meaning to write this hub for a while now in memory of a great artist, musician, friend and confidant Ugonna Igweatu. Ugonna or "Iggy" as many people called him died on July 9th, 2012, just shy of his 25th birthday. He was generally known as a fun, life-loving, prankster with broad intellectual depth and passionate insight. The video above is the very last studio recording he made with another friend of mine Jamie Van Dyke. It is informally called "Ugonna's Last Song," and truly demonstrates his incredible vocal and instrumental talents. If you wish to download the song or even want to learn the lyrics and chord progressions to play yourself; visit Jamie's July 7th, SoundCloud entry at the link here:

and broader collection of his music is available for download on a digital album created on (Thank You Jamie). Contributions can also be made to his family on the same site. See link below:

Laid out below, I have made a collection of videos and links to more of Ugonna's music, artwork and tribute pages. Interwoven among the various links are small personal accounts of my long time friend. I would also ask that you support Ugonna's loving memory in any way possible: tribute pages, facebook, etc.

Here is another video Ugonna made which can be found under his Youtube account: UgonnaOnline. Take note that some of these videos are actually practice sessions...not even the final (polished) song.

The Photographer

Among his many talents, Ugonna was a prolific photographer. In fact, it was only after his untimely passing that I realized just how prolific he actually was. Here I've organized a small portion of his photography below. (Almost all photos had to be edited in Windows paint program before being used in certain things like the resolution may have suffered in the process.)

If you wish to see most of his photogaphy, you can visit Mahiwazi's Photostream on Flickr. Most of his photographs have "Igweatu" in the title. (see link below):

Photography by Ugonna Igweatu
Photography by Ugonna Igweatu
Photography by Ugonna Igweatu
Photography by Ugonna Igweatu
Photography by Ugonna Igweatu
Photography by Ugonna Igweatu
Photography by Ugonna Igweatu
Photography by Ugonna Igweatu

The Director

Yet, the one thing I remember Ugonna truly loving to do. The one thing he wished to pursue as his life-long career path was film directing. In between jobs and during holidays he was busy creating AV masterpieces for a variety of clients including indie bands, magazines, and record companies.

I had previously been on set with him twice in the past year. Both times for a rap music video called "We Are." I remember him talking with such enthusiasm about how the use of camera angles, lighting, backdrop and a million technical items that I still don't understand. Though I never did get to see the final cut of the "We Are" video; I did manage to find at least one of his previous works. Please find below, a test music video for a group called Ruff Club. If I remember correctly, he was using the same movie camera used on the set of the movie "The Social Network."

And So Much More...

I hope that I've given you a broad overview of my friend's amazing character and ability. I, along with all his friends and family, miss him very much. May he find eternal happiness and rest in peace.


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