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Trinitarian Wicca

Updated on July 3, 2015
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Occultic writer Ficton writer including romance, erotica romance, dark fantasy, drama Poetry all types of prose From Franklin County VA

Trinitarian Wicca

When most hear the words Christian and Wicca in a sentence, they automatically assume a con position. The two are not compatible. When Wicca was created by Gardner, he created a system of beliefs that allowed the worship of pagan deities through ritualistic practices. Just as any deity is presented in history, a mythos was created by a sect that they held in high regards as creator of the universe and everything that exists within the construct of space. Christianity is a religion based off of what is considered a mythos. Mythology is a study of various cultures circumventing the world and their body of stories which they tell to explain nature, history, and customs. Christianity is another myth that has been passed down and then transcribed into books.

When you peel back the dogma, you can see the similarities between the people of the Bible and Wicca. Various women have been venerated in the Bible such as Virgin Mary as the mother of the son of God, creating the perfect trifecta of a triple Gods and Goddess circle. Along with the Christian concepts, the path which primarily titled Trinitarian Wicca by Nancy Chandler, incorporates Gnostic and Jewish Mysticism teachings as well. The term asserted to these reflective blendings was Mesopagan, expressed by the late Isaac Bonewitz.

Introduction to Trinitarian Wicca by Nancy Chandler

The main focus of Trinitarian Wicca is Jesus as the solar god, which is depicted with his birth, growth, death, and rebirth just as the Solar God is depicted in the 8 Sabbats of the Year, 4 of which Trinitarians term kyriats and directly focus on Jesus.

What sets Trinitarian Wicca apart from all of the different sects that have branched out forming their own beliefs around the essence of the belief? Trinitarian Wicca places the Goddess as an equal to the God. Unlike the misogynistic attempts of the leaders of Christianity who tried to eradicate the Goddess form the texts of the Bible, this tradition completely embraces Her as the consort and others as the daughters of the High God worshipped in the religion.

Goes into the explanation of our Solar God

Discrimination has hit this sect of Wicca hard. Both Wiccans and Christians alike have made comments to the “oxymoronic” idea of blending the Christian concepts to Wicca. However, they do not look to how well they blend. Many of the holidays Christians celebrate was adapted from the Pagan Wheel of the Year. This group strives every day in marketing and in eBooks to get their name out into the public. There are multitudes of people who consider themselves a Christian Wiccan or Trinitarian Wiccan.

The full blown movement was put into motion when Nancy Chandler published her book “Christian Wicca: A Trinitarian Tradition” sparking the fire and awakening most Christians from their Goddessless lives and bringing them into the light. The book spread nationwide and also went international with sales. There are Trinitarian Wiccans all across the globe sharing the same experience and tribulations as the author. Many thank Nancy Chandler for writing the book and giving them something to fill the empty space they felt while attending church.

What some fail to realize is that with Christian Wicca, there is no salvation, there is no sin, and there is no devil? Just as Wiccans believe, they too do not look upon or believe in the existence of hell or demonic influences causing strife in personal spiritualism. These were all concepts created by the church to scare people into the faith. They too live by the Wiccan Rede and the codes that all Wiccans abide too.

With the eradication of the Goddess from secular beliefs, it placed a hole in everyone and suppressed their id, or shadow self, from blossoming. When applying psychology to Wicca, we see the God as the dominant personality, the ego, always in the light shining. The Goddess is the shadow self, condemned to darkness and showing her face in the night sky in the light of the moon. One cannot function without the other, just as day cannot function without night. It’s the duality of the two that keeps them in sync. The reintroduction of the Goddess into Trinitarian pantheons and practitioner’s minds allows that duality to flow free without malice or scorn. Wicca is a spiritual path and attunement to nature. Nature includes both male and female roles. So, why shouldn’t there be a dualistic role played in the cosmos of creation?

In Genesis, it states “Let us create man in our image. In our image, let us create man.” Many argue this is God talking to the angels or the Holy Spirit (which is also believed to have been male by Christians.) In secular Judaism, however, the Holy Spirit is considered feminine and beautifully named Shekinah. Shekinah is the one who breathed the breath of life into Adam and Eve in Genesis, helping to finish what her consort had created. In Judaism, a day begins at night, which is the witching hour and time of worship for Wiccans celebrating full moon rituals. They honor the new moon.

So, as you see, a clear picture has been painted by the leader of the movement of Trinitarian Wicca. The interlocking of different concepts from different secular movements has changed the lives of many Christians and Wiccans alike. Some couldn’t live without the Goddess, some couldn’t live without Jesus. They were met in the middle.

Introduction to Trinitarian Magick for Teenagers and Young Adults


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    • Martha Herron profile image

      Martha Herron 

      3 years ago

      Kasey Hill I think what you have written hits the proverbial nail on the head. I never understood why I was not comfortable with the normal idea of Christianity until I came to this path. I now understand what was and is missing for me and I am much happier and comfortable with my life. Thank you to you and Nancy Chandler.

    • Kasey Hill profile imageAUTHOR

      Kasey Hill 

      3 years ago from SANDY LEVEL, VA

      Yes after I posted the hub last night I found your article. Yours is a really well written piece. And as you do mine, I respect your opinion. I look forward to reading your hubs as well.

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      3 years ago

      Interesting hub, thanks for sharing. Personally, I'm one of those Wiccans who believe Christian Wicca is an oxymoron (I've written a hub about it myself).

      An interesting thing is, the original Hebrew, the Bible passage "Let us create man in our image" was never plural. It's singular. The Hebrew word used for "God" in the passage has an ending that is usually plural, but not always. Just like ending words in 's' in English is usually plural, but not always. It's one of those little nuances hard to detect for people when they don't speak a language fluently. It's so interesting how just the slight difference in wording can spark such a massive shift in meaning.

      Anyway, even with our difference of opinion, respect for a great hub. Welcome to hubpages, looking forward to reading more of your work.


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