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Troubles Will Refined Us

Updated on July 25, 2016

Refining Through Troubles

The Spirit of God knows how to make us see things as if there are already done. Troubles and trials becomes a way for God to reveal himself as Jevohah Jirah, Jevohah Shamah, and Jevohah Raphah. God is our Provider, Healer and He is more than enough for us.

Troubles are nothing new to face because they are going to come anyway. Letting God have complete control and leadership during these times to trouble will bring about a peace that will surpass our understanding. The devil will do his best to distract a Child of God by causing some kind of disturbance to be uprooted, but we are not to allow the outward signs of trouble to blind our true cause to trust in God.

Learning to lean on God during troublesome times can lead us to a secure place in God. It is not easy but whoever found peace in worrying? In Ps:46.1 says, God is our Refuge and Strength, a very present help in trouble. To have a God who embraces us during the times of darkness shows that we are never alone. He cares for us in so many different ways. There comes a time in the lives of many of us that we forget what a mighty God we serve. We don’t voice it openly but our actions says it all. Our God can do the impossible and does not need any help in the process.

To have a discerning spirit can be to our advantage during the times of trouble. The Psalmist David came to the conclusion that he could not touch the Lord’s anointed even though Saul wanted to kill him. We can be anxious to see our enemies fall when they are doing all kinds of hurtful things to us, but what is the true plan of God? God might want that person to come to know him, while on the other hand they are just a nuisance to us and we want to get rid of them. I know that it hurts to insulted, spat upon, lied about, people just scandalising your name and causing a whole lot of riot in your life. Yet is a relief to let God handle the situation on your behalf. God do not make mistakes. He is aware of the pain you are feeling and he sees how your enemies belittle and try to ruin you but know that the battle is not yours it belongs to God.

Making the Lord our trust in the time of trouble brings about a sense of commitment. In Ps: 60.11 says, Give us help for vain is the help of man. There is always a source we can draw from. It is who we decide to obtain help from that counts. God is willing to answer those who call upon him in truth. He will deliver just as he said he would. There is no need to rely on man because we are limited in our capacity to see beyond. Even if we try, we cannot deliver anyone as our God can. In our human wisdom we can give out advice that might appear perfect for that particular situation but what we end up doing is making the person more frustrated.

In times of trouble we must be careful to guard our hearts. Ps.110:80 says, Create in me a clean heart Oh God: and renew the right spirit within me. Troubles have a way of bringing out the best or the worse in us. The heart of man is deceitful and despartly wicked. Only God knows the heart of man. We can hold on to grudges for a lifetime. This is why God wants us to surrender everything to Him. He will never force his ways on us. We have to be open to the will of God. An uprising situation in our lives might be coming into focus as the devil will make it as big as a mountain. This is when we feel that we can do anything about it because it is too much. The real problem might be an underlying one but all we see is the surface. This is when we need direction from God. Some of us instead of waiting on God we want to impose our will on God and want Him to bless it. This is why I can identify with King David when he said, Search me Oh God and know my heart

Christians today are not very willing to have a “body search” from God. Most of us do not want to let go of things we feel we cannot live without. When we surrender all to God, there is going to be some refining, some breaking away, and some dropping off.

During the refining process our hearts will have no fear because we are being moulded into what God wants us to be. God is the potter and we are the clay. He knows how to shape and mould us. A potter always wants his vessels to finish without a blemish. If only one mistake is made during the process, the potter will begin all over again. God wants to make up perfect vessels for His use. When he begins to fashion and design us in the shape we are supposed to be, there will be great contentment as these vessels of honour take a stand for Jesus.

When silver goes through the fire it becomes purified. It does not become purified after the first test, because the impurities will still be there. After the seventh try, the silver is ready to be used. At times when a little trouble comes our way, the first thing we ask the Lord is why me? We don’t want to go through the refiners fire in order for the impurities to be destroyed the heat is a must. Things such as lust, fornication, adultery, hatred, malice, envy etc needs to be destroyed. The refiner’s fire will remove all this. Dross can become very familiar to live with. It can become comfortable, and to lose it would be a disaster. Only to the devil. When the dross is removed from our lives, we are liberated to worship God. The dirt and impurities are no longer Weighing us down. We are now free from the bondage that did not belong to us in the first place.

Having the Word of God in our hearts will become a shield in the day of trouble. In Ps:119:11 says Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee. To be able to hide something, it must first be available. God’s Word is to be digested regularly. There is a day coming that only what we remember about God’s Word is what we will have. When we live, eat and sleep by the Word of God, there is no possibility that the enemy of our souls can win a battle against us. Every trial that presents itself before a child of God, the Word has a solution. The devil will try to bring all his evil plans into our focus but the Word of God will counteract all of them.

When the Word of God is hid in our hearts, it is there to stay. The heart is considered to be the centre where all action takes place. From the heart comes the issues of life. Blood is pumped from the heart to the other vessels in the body. When our heart becomes a hiding place for the Word of God, other parts of the body are is activated. We walk differently, we talk differently, we see differently, and we act differently. This is because we have become a preculiar people. We are washed by the blood of the Lamb.

The Word of God hidden in our hearts becomes steadfast and sound. Troubles will not shake our faith in God because our anchor is secure. When bad news comes to shatter our faith, the Word of God will come to rescue us during those difficult times, it will never take a back seat. In Ps.119:80 it says, Let my heart be sound in thy statues, that I be not ashame. Something that is sound becomes secure and reliable. Our faith will not be tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine. It is true that when people are going through troubles in their lives, they can become very vulnerable. Members of religious cults takes advantage of these kinds of situations. They would bring their own package of the gospel and present it in a very prestigious manner. Many people have been led astray (believers included) by the promises of help in getting jobs, better homes and a better social standing in life. The reason why these cults throw material things in the face of people is because in today’s world, most people are looking to get rich quickly. An opportunity will not be neglected don’t matter who the giver is.

Knowing the God you serve and the Word of God in a personal way pays off. No-one can come with a doctrine contrary to the teachings in the Bible, and make a fool of us. At times these cults brings messages that are close to what the Bible says, but a word or two changes the whole meaning completely. This is why having God’s Word in our hearts causes us to be unmoveable in our faith.

The breaking away of bad habits takes plenty of self will and perseverance. Bad habits can stay as long as we allow it to, and can become a part of disposition. Our attitudes also have a lot to do with it. A person who lie and cheat to get the things they want, will do it at any given time. In order to be free from such things, we need the grace of God to sustain us. To break away from such things can become hard when it has been practiced day in and day out. When we accept Christ, many of us had to break away from worldly pleasures and associates. This was not an easy decision because these people and things had become a significant part of our lives. Through the Word of God we came to understand that the things of this world will only last for a season.

Troubles can also bring us to a place where we can become confident in God. When we come to the realisation that only God can deliver us, our faith increases in Him, and confidence builds. There are times that a battle is raging to the fullest, and we don’t know what to do. Everywhere we turn trouble arises. Our backs are against the wall. Satan is in position to give the final blow that would finish us up for good. However when we think we will go down, God is causing the wall to crumble that is behind and before us, and making a way of escape. The very wall that appeared to be impenetrable is now nothing more than a useless pile of rocks. Children of God, we don’t realise how bless we are until we come to the point of knowing the God we serve.

As God’s people, we are not to allow troubles to make us fearful. When the raging waters seems as if it would carry us to the bottom, even down there the Hand of God is still shielding us. In Ps.39:9-10 says, If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me. We don’t have to give way to fear because God will lead and carry us through to the end. Fear have a way of making us limited in our capacity to think. In such a way, we can react irrationally and not in the best interest of what is involved.

God’s desire is to make us a people of excellence. We are brought with a price. That great price is the precious blood of Jesus. Troubles can bring us to the place of excellence. Before any troubles had risen, we were not aware of the things we know now, if it had not been for the disturbance in our lives. The awareness is sharpened. The knowledge gained would last for a lifetime. We should be glad that the water was troubled, so that we could step in.

As people of God we are a people of excellence and our character is now changed. We are no longer carried away by the physical appearance of situations. In Phil.4:13 says, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. The limits are now unlimited in Christ.


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