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True Angel Stories with Video Testimonies, Part 1

Updated on June 25, 2019
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Adrienna is inspired by true angel sightings and encounters and has selected 3 stories worth being shared!


Do You Believe In Angels?

Three quarters of Americans say they do, but if you're among the skeptics you might want to change your mind after reading the angel stories below that are claimed to be 100% true. To those who already believe, may your faith be further inspired!

After reading the stories below, take the poll at the end of this article and share with other readers which one are you, a believer or skeptic!

Be sure to read part 2 as to not miss out on more true angel stories accompanied with video testimonies. Click here!

Angel Story #1

In 2016, Colleen Banton didn’t expect to see her disabled daughter’s 15th birthday. Chelsea was a fourteen year old girl who had suffered chronic health problems her entire life. “We had been praying for a miracle,” said Colleen, “and I believe this is the beginning of it.”

It was September when pneumonia had pushed Chelsea toward death's door and was on life support at a Charlotte hospital. It was only one hour after life support was removed when some hospital worker’s jaws dropped by what appeared by the door near Chelsea’s room. It was an image that showed up on the hospital’s security monitor; the image of an angel. The hospital confirms that some of its workers told the family that they saw something as well.

When Chelsea’s mother recalled the sighting she had this to say, “I thought well, either that's the angel coming to take her [Chelsea] to heaven or it's an angel to say that she's getting better.” To everyone’s amazement, including the doctors and nurses, Chelsea did get better almost immediately! Chelsea’s mother continued to say, “it's a blessing and it's a miracle. I'm learning not to take things for granted.”

Want to hear the whole story in Colleen Banton’s own words? Watch the video of this angel story here:

Angel Story #2

Jamie Galloway was a minister and on vacation with his family at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. He was laying poolside soaking in the rays while his children played merrily in the water. All of a sudden his wife came running over to him in a panic. “What’s wrong,” Jamie asked with great concern. “There’s a boy who has been found drowned on the other side of the resort,” exclaimed his wife. Immediately Jamie jumped up from the reclined chair and began to run to the scene.

When he got to the other side of the massive resort, a four year old boy, who had been found floating at the bottom of the Lazy River, lay unconscious as another resort guest attempted CPR. Chaos and terror filled the environment and the boy continued to be unresponsive. The boy’s mother was screaming out, “My only son! Breathe, breathe, my only son!” Jamie began praying with another by-stander who only knew how to pray one thing, “Angels, angels, angels!”

Twenty minutes had gone by when the paramedics arrived and raced the child to the ambulance. Jamie’s wife looked to him and said, “Do something!” This prompted Jamie to exclaim in prayer to God, “Do something God!” Just then he felt God answered, “You do something!” Responding without time to think, Jamie ran over to the boy’s mother and asked if they could pray together for her son’s life. When she eagerly agreed, Jamie asked for her son’s name and said he prayed in a fashion he had never prayed before in all his time as a minister. He boldly proclaimed, “Adam, I call your spirit back into your body! You will live and not die!... You will live a long life… and you will have full brain function!”

During the same time he was making that bold prayer, the EMT jumped out of the ambulance and ran over to the mother shouting, “The boy is awake!!” Jamie said everyone began embracing each other with joy!

As the situation settled down, Jamie and his family went to get into a rental vehicle. After he put his seat belt on, he saw a strange man in white staring at him intently. The man was a complete stranger, Jamie nor his family had never seen this odd person before. The man in white approached the vehicle and said, “Hi Jamie.” In a state of confusion as to how the man knew his name, Jamie replied, “Hi?”

“Is the boy okay?” asked the man with a gentle smile on his face.

“Yes he is okay,” replied Jamie.

“Good,” answered the mysterious man as he turned around, got into his white mini van, and drove away.

Jamie and his wife looked at each other with wide eyes and exclaimed, “That was an angel!”

Click the following link to watch the full story in detail given by Jamie on the Sid Roth show:

Angel Story #3

Michigan Fire Chief, Glen Thorman, got an alert in the driveway from his home’s motion sensor security camera. The camera caught an unusual luminescent image hovering above one of their parked vehicles. When Glen and his wife looked the image, they exclaimed, “Wow! That’s an angel!” The image is so captivating that it’s gone viral and has even been featured on television media programs.

Glen stated he and his family pray regularly asking God to send angels to watch over the family, home and property. To the Thorman’s, the angel image caught by the home’s security camera is an answer to their prayers.

When Glen was asked why he believed the image of the angel was caught on camera, he answered that since the image's release, he has received hundreds of messages from people saying “thank you” and who have also shared their own angel experiences. Glen states that although everyone has the right to believe or doubt what they choose, he has chosen to believe God is using the inspirational image to reach out to people and bring them closer to God. Watch the YouTube videos below and decide for yourself what you choose to believe!


What do you think now?

Did these stories move you deeper into belief in angels or skepticism? Take the poll below to share with other readers what you believe!

Interested in more? Don't miss out on part 2 by clicking here!

Take This Angel Poll!

Do you believe in Angels?

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