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What Is Real Anymore With All This Christian Talk?

Updated on October 9, 2017

True Christianity

I love Jesus Christ
I love Jesus Christ | Source

True love for Jesus Christ

Seriously...what is going on these days? I have found myself countless times sitting in what they call a pew, or as part of the congregation, scratching my head with one finger. Living in four states total, CA, FL, GA, and now back to MD, I have realized today, there are a few main types of churches. There are the grace filled, loving, yet lacking knowledge of the spiritual gifts churches, the legalistic, judgmental, yet believe in the spiritual gifts churches, the legalistic, judgmental, yet not believing in the spiritual gifts churches, and just the dead churches where you basically fall forward and hit your forehead, which I call the Catholic church. The grace driven, legalistic, or dead feeling churches. I'm not saying the people in the dead churches are dead...I am merely saying, the church FEELS DEAD, boring, and needs life within.

I have been a Christian since about the age of 12 when I called upon the name of Jesus. I was born again when I asked to be filled with his Holy spirit in my 20's. I don't know the exact date-but it happened. A little over one year ago, I began reading the bible daily, and now I literally cannot go one day without listening to or reading it or I feel blah. In I John 2:27 "as for you, the anointing you received from him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you." I wanted to search out the truth and realized the Holy Spirit was my true, main teacher.

Therefore, we have got to read the bible and understand what firm foundation we stand on before going to just any church. There are so many different churches out there that teach so many different things. Sometimes I ask people why they go to one church, and some don't even know what they stand on.

Since the age of 14, I have asked every question in the book and I ventured out to see what true Christianity was. If so many different churches are teaching so many different things, and there are tons of religions in the world, how do I know which one is real? From then on, I was set out to seek the truth. He tells us in Jeremiah 29:13 "You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." I sought the Lord with all my heart, and I found him.

I am telling you, don't just take it from me. Open your bible and read. Ask questions, but I will tell you I have been through the journey for the past 17 years, and you could save a lot of time by being guided correctly and reading my blogs.

Their are deceivers out there. People who will say that the spiritual gifts do not exist. I know first hand, THEY DO!! I once told a believer about an angelic encounter I had and their response was a scripture from the bible basically telling me that can't happen. Okay, so buddy are you calling me a liar? You need to read the whole passage and understand the context. Are you calling God a liar? Look people, the bible is the LIVING WORD. This means is exists for TODAY! We are alive...God is alive, he's not dead. His word is ALIVE!!!

Do not just attend any church, and do not just argue with every Christian. Do your research!! Not just on google, but ask. Ask God, Lord can you show me what to believe. Show me the way. If Jesus is the Christ, can you reveal this to me? Can you lead me to a bible believing church? He will manifest his presence unto you, in one way or another. He will make himself known.

I have a ton more to write, but it's important folks. It's important to understand TRUE CHRISTIANITY. It's important to understand the power of GOD. If you have an argument to anything stated, trust me, I have a rebuttle. That is only because of the confidence I have in scripture and in Jesus Christ. Please feel free to comment! Love ya'll


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