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True Worship of God: How Your Attitude Fits In...Truth Is...

Updated on August 9, 2011

Attitude Is Everything

As we now move forward with understanding and identifying the enemies of true worship; let's look at ATTITUDE(s)...

It's very important that one have the right attitude as this shapes how you see things, react to things, and perceive your role in any given situation. It molds study habits and behaviors as well as personality and how others see and receive you. Most important, it's important to how God sees you and your effort(s) to please him...Truth Is...

It's true, we want things, often even the simplest thing is quite important to certain ones of us. But as pointed out and hoping not to sound fanatical: we must consider God's will in ALL that we do and think. One must remember that we are indeed living in the "last days" and it would serve us well to draw close to God and stay there as a protection from all that is besetting mankind and looking to only worsen. God can advise you on everyday living and decision-making. He knows all about you and exactly what will work best for you. This is what baffles many; WHY did Adam and Eve rebel against God when HE provided everything they ever needed and taught them everything they knew?!!!


Looking in Genesis we see that when the serpent tempted Eve, everything he threw at her was successfully rebuffed, until the clincher: Satan told Eve that if she'd eat of the fruit on the forbidden tree she would be able to make her own decisions and be like GOD! That's when she saw it to be desireable. Eve had the wrong attitutde.She was'nt content to have God provide all that she needed, she wanted more; she was'nt satisfied to have GOD tell her what's best even though she was doing quite well with that arrangement, she wanted to deide for hersel what was best for her when she was'nt even learned enough to know that serpents DON"T talk! Adam of course knew, but Satan, being the ultra intellegent being that he is knew that Eve was the right one to approach because she was being taught by Adam, who was being taught by God. Proof of this is found in that even though God said do not eat from the tree he never said don't "touch" it; but Adam knowing the inquisitive nature of the woman obviouisly added the "do not touch it" portion of instruction to her(Adam was here 500 yrs. before Eve and had been taught considerably more). Genesis3:3.

Adam too had an attitude issue; he knew where Eve came from and how. Thus he knew that once she'd committed the wrongful act that she was doomed; yet he also knew that God could and would provide another woman for him if need be. Thus the rebellion took flight as Adam chose to condemn all of mankind for the sake of love and desire for something that could be easily replaced...Truth Is...

How about you? Is it clear to you that Jehovah God can and will provide all that you need and that all you have to do is trust his judgement? Often that which we hold dearest is the very thing that holds us back from true happiness and the peace tha flows from God's presence in our lives. That's because we decide what makes us happy instead of allowing God to tell/show us. Sometimes He has something in store for us that is SO fantastic that we never imagined it, and if we just simply seek pleasing him and surrender to his will He will reveal something to us that will "blow us away" as to how wonderful it can be! Think about that...

Jehovah knows things about you that YOU don't even know; He knows what works best for you. If you have a Ford and something breaks on it, who knows best how to fix it Ford Motor company, or you? Or even the street mechanic. True, the street mechanic(or you) may be able to make it keep running...for a while...but then something else inevitably goes wrong because you or they didn't know the effect of their not-so -perfect knowledge actually set-off a chain reaction of faults within the car's system. Understand?Jehovah knows what will make ALL the functions work together and continue working RIGHT(as intended), He knows all the parts and how they interact(Romans 8:28).

Basically, this first segment on attitude(yes there will be more on this), expresses that humility, humbling one'self to God's will is the very first step in pure and true worship and of course, availing ourself to the ultimate benefits God has for us(1Peter 5:6,7) Take time out and talk to God and tell him that you'd like to see what He has decided is best for you, and are wiling to try it HIS way. Ask him to help you do cooperate with that effort and don't just ask once; remember, human nature is our worst enemy and it will fight against you every step of the way. Jesus said at Matthew 7:7-11 to "Keep on asking..." To me, Jesus would pretty much know the right way to do things as he is the one jehovah empowered to create us (Colossians1:15). Once more the admonition for prayer and supplication is offered to you from me. Pray anyway!

Until part 2: True Worship versus Attitude(s), I pray blessings upon you all...

Truth Is...


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    • profile image

      Lilred 8 years ago

      I like what you write it has a lot of information and instruction I think the world needs more of.

    • profile image

      servantofgod 8 years ago

      The things that you write and the manner in which you express them shows that you really are blessed of God and worthy as a teacher of his word.

    • profile image

      King B 8 years ago

      Excellent material

    • profile image

      iirealnfx 8 years ago

      I like what you've said here and in the other parts. Very simply and well out

    • profile image

      faithNhim 8 years ago

      Excekent stuff!