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True secret of Happiness and Joy revealed

Updated on July 21, 2015

Key of happiness

You will find so many people always remain happy ,you can see happiness on their face and work .People want to achieve his target but they get frustrated . what is the key of success and happiness . Is both the things could be achieved together .Here are some key which was used by happy people from years ago.

1.say goodbye to your negative thinking, Think always positive. with your heart, the work automatically become easier and if you not like your work , it would be world toughest work.
3.Think about those things which make you happy and also remember which things give you pain.
4.If you have satisfaction in your heart, than you are the calmest person of the world. and calm brings  happiness.
5.Don't work to get some result , work to learn something.
6.Forget the differences, than everything is yours and will be loved by everyone.
7.Do not think yourself master, master is a God.
8.Help Everyone like a king , so don't expect anything in return.
9. Everyone have a God's soul in him , so respect everyone.
10.Don't be Lazy in your life ,always find your work and do it with your heart.


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