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True Scary Story: The House in Colorado

Updated on April 10, 2012

I didn’t want to move to Colorado Springs. It is too far from California. My parents told me this is the only place that Joe, my step-dad, can get a job. He’s a mechanical engineer at a sugar processing plant. My mom acts like she is happy but I can tell she isn’t. My little sister Anna didn’t care if we moved. She’s only four. I’m six.

Our house is old and sort of white. There are trees in the middle of the street. It’s flat, so you can run for a long time on the sidewalk. There’s only a little bit of grass in the front yard. When you look at the house you can see my room upstairs. It’s kind of weird because the house looks like it has eyes at the top. I heard there’s a scary movie like that. You have to walk up steps to go in the house.

Anna and I share the bedroom. Our beds are on the walls so we look out the windows at night. I told my mom that I was scared of our room, and I didn’t want to sleep in here. She got mad at me and she told me I was imagining things and to stop it.

Shortly after I started first grade, I came home from school crying. I fell on the gravel and hurt my knees. My mom was in a bad mood, and all she said was “Oh, well, you’ll live.” I cried more because all I wanted a hug. She was mean a lot since we moved here. Maybe she didn’t like it here. Maybe she didn’t like Joe as much as Daddy. Maybe she missed her mommy or California. But, I was sad too!

I started to hate my room and this house. At first I thought I was being watched but couldn’t see anyone when looking. I only felt like this when I was alone. Then, one day I saw the shadow people. They were the size of a person, except they were sort of a darkish cloud. Not wanting to be alone, I made Anna stay with me all the time, even in the bathroom. She couldn’t see anything and didn’t believe me. Though she did think Mom was acting weird a lot, and sort of dreamy and sometimes mean.

I don’t think the shadow people knew I could see them. I pretended to be invisible so they couldn’t see me. Nighttime was hard because there were more of them and I could hear noises. These noises were whispers as they talked to each other. I hid under the blankets and covered my ears. It still didn’t stop.

One day they could tell I could see them. I got more scared. They started to look at me funny. More of them started to come to our house. They wanted something from me but I didn’t know what. Also, they were not as cloudy any more. I could tell which ones were girls or boys, old or young. Some were meaner than others. At night during their visiting, they would take turns stopping and staring at me. I wanted them to go away.

I told my mom that there were strange people in the house. She got really mad at me this time. She said I had an overactive imagination. She didn’t believe me. She thinks I am a liar. I am not lying. Anna is really mad at me too for bringing all this up again. She won’t follow me around the house any more.

I’m really scared. I can’t sleep. They keep looking at me and whispering. I cry in bed a lot. I’m getting sick. My mom took me to the doctor.

We have only been in Colorado nine months or so. The doctor told me I have severe allergies and I will get sicker if we stay here. I had to live in a different climate or something, a place like California. I had to leave right away and stay with my grandma in San Diego for a few weeks…until the rest of the family could settle things and catch up. Would I be okay on my own? Oh yeah! I felt better after only a few days in sunny California.


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    • profile image

      Girli 5 years ago

      Good for her!

    • bborrello profile image

      bborrello 6 years ago from Oregon, USA

      Kitty - This was me. Unfortunately, since no one believed me I forced this ability away and have spent years trying to reclaim it to no avail.

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Nicole Canfield 6 years ago from Summerland

      Did this happen to you or are you tapping into someone else's psyche? Very interesting. I've been seeing shadow people since I was young too.


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