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Trust is not just a word

Updated on October 17, 2011
Trusting is Hard Work
Trusting is Hard Work | Source

Trusting is hard work

Trusting is not something many people are comfortable with any more.

Having been a pastor/counselor and insurance adjuster for over 30 years, the refrain of “Can I trust you?” rang out all too often. The second response was almost as great when someone would say, “I have trust issues, so I can’t guarantee I can be completely honest.”

People are all too often played, lied to, promised only to have promises broken, warranties purchased only to find out the warranty doesn’t cover anything important and ultimately they find out they have simply been “conned”.

Four of the most popular current television programs, Psych, The Mentalist, White Collar and Leverage all involve conning and falsehood. And according to a recent article there are more programs of this nature to follow. The idea of winning through lying seems to be at an all time high among viewers.

The reality is according to Dr. M. Scott Peck in “People of the Lie,” people prefer a lie to the truth.

No parent wants to believe that their child is using drugs, drinking alcohol, stealing or sexually active but all too often the truth is they are. The truth of failing grades, changed attitude and social interaction all indicate something is not right but many times parents ignore the truth because the lie that they have raised the perfect child is easier to believe.

The same is true in marriage. After 20 plus years of counseling and pastoring, no man or woman ever wanted to believe their spouse was unfaithful. But unfortunately the signs were all there indicating they usually were. Because the truth was more difficult to accept over the lie, many times the husband or wife would simply ignore the obvious and live out the lie.

It is always much easier to accept what we don’t want to believe. The very reason the Bible says, “the fool has said in his heart there is no God”, is because it takes a real genuine effort to exert the faith to believe in a real omnipotent, omniscient,omnipresent God. Anyone can say God doesn't exist but to examine the possibility rationally (contrary to traditional thinking) involves faith, research and the hard work of trust.

In other words, trust is not just a word. It is an action. In the Koine’ Greek of the New Testament the word for faith, trust and believe all come from the same root word pisteo. The implication is that you can’t have one without the other. It takes work to trust. When you place your spiritual and personal confidence in someone to hold on to what you and only you know or need, it becomes invaluable.

Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. 32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”(John 8:31-32). When we follow Christ we learn His ultimate truth about life and about ourselves. As such, the hard work of trusting becomes much clearer. We learn who is that "trusting" soul, who we can trust and who we can't and we learn what is believable and what is not.

No, trust is not just a word, it is the most valuable of all possessions. Invest it wisely.


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    • profile image

      sonnetwolf1 6 years ago

      Dr. Lee, you have honed in on a very sensitive subject with me. Having grown up abused, in my later years, "trust issues" was my forte. I still to this day have trouble giving 100% of myself. This makes me feel sad because it's not fair to judge another human by how others treated me in the past. I must learn to forgive and move on, and realize, through prayer and my walk with God, that everyone out there is not a bad person, not out to hurt me, to give the benefit of the doubt and open my heart. And you have done just that in your Article for me, opened the door to my heart to let others in again. To give and to receive. To trust, and be trusted. That is the key.

    • profile image

      Deborah Langford 6 years ago

      Trust in the Lord with all your Heart and Might...Yes it is hard to trust... but when you learn to do this,.. ohh things are so much easier.. I mean we will always have hard times but the Lord will make is easier..

      Wonderful article..

      Thank you again Dr. Lee