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Trusting in the Lord and acknowledging Him

Updated on April 9, 2014

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; but in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." (Proverbs 3:5,6 NKJV)

What is true trust? How do we acknowledge the Lord in all of our ways? These questions seem difficult for most people in today's society, where technology guides our lives, TV tells us what to do and believe, and pressure's from the world around us want us to conform to it's way of living; but what if we didn't have all these things? This simple question begins the process of deep thought, which in turn opens the mind from the small world we inhabit, to the vastness of the Universe around us.

To truly get a grasp on trusting and acknowledging the Lord, we must first quiet ourselves down and begin to ponder a life of absolute solitude. What would it be like if you were trapped on an island in the middle of the ocean, with no one around and no distractions bombarding you on a constant bases? One might save, "I would go crazy!" Which this thought is true for the most part, but if you excluded that thought and spent that time talking and walking with God, then what would it be like?

The prophets of old truly understood this concept and practiced it on a regular bases; with some going into the wilderness for many days and fasting to seek God. When the distractions of life are removed and the focus is centered upon the Lord, then our heart and mind are more open and sensitive to God's Spirit. To know God and walk with Him is the first step in trusting Him, because then you see Him as a friend and heavenly father and know His true character.

As you spend more time with God and leave a lot of the junk of the world behind, you then begin to truly grasp the reality of trusting Him. When you begin to trust Him with your whole heart, then you begin to acknowledge Him in all of your ways and choices that come at you each day. Acknowledging Him in everyday life choices brings about peace of mind and heart with the knowing that all is well as you take each step with God at your side. You acknowledge Him in all of your ways by praying for wisdom and guidance, then going to His word to see what it says about certain situations or choices that have come your way.

Quiet yourself down first thing in the morning and ask God to speak to your heart and mind and to reveal to you what He wants you to do for that particular day. Be sensitive to His Spirit and flow with His Spirit as He guides you through each day. Maybe He has called you to help someone today, or maybe He wants you to take a quiet day during the weekend to spend time with Him and in His word instead of going out with friends. Whatever you feel Him calling you to do for a particular day just quiet yourself down and listen, then go to His word and see if the calling lines up with what has been spoken before.

Walking with the Lord is the most amazing and rewarding thing in life and all it takes is for you to trust Him with your whole heart and to not lean on your own understanding, but acknowledge Him in all of your ways.

God bless.


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