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Trusting the Wisdom of God!

Updated on August 2, 2013

Leave it to Him, and trust him fully!

We all have needs. Hence we desire many things in life. When our desires do not get fulfilled, we seek the help of God and pray to him. Here we lack the true picture of God. God is aware of the innermost thoughts of each individual. But he never fulfills all the demands of his devotees. We are all worldly minded and we lack the knowledge what to ask from God. He is no doubt, the wish yielding tree. But we must be careful to spell out our desires in front of him. Here i will present a small example. A baby and her mother. The baby simply cries. The mother is aware of the reason; whether it is hungry or feeling restless due to pain or longing for sleep. Initially the mother judges the child after many trial and error seasons. We are all like the babies and God is like the loving mother. More than the earthly mother, God is aware of our real needs. He knew that certain things will spoil us. Hence, he never grants them to us till we become mature enough to possess it.

Here i am reminded of a small story told by Saibaba long ago. The child is desirous of eating more and more chocolates. The mother knew that it will harm the stomach of the child. She administers some bitter medicine to cure its stomach pain. God too acts in a similar manner. We pray to God to grant us properties like mansions and cars. We pray to God to remove our paltry troubles and keep us always Happy. But God knew that cars and mansions will increase our grief more and more and he does not grant us such trivial things. Moreover, we can not carry our wealth or properties to the other world. After death, not a grain of sand accompanies us. What accompanies us are the results of our past actions both good and bad. Hence if at all we ask anything from God, we should seek only Wisdom or Jnana.

Many sages and saints of the past has realized the futility of worldly things and relationships, performed meditations on the Supreme. They sought only Real Knowledge or Wisdom. The secular knowledge we gather will only fill our stomach. But man has different destiny. He has been blessed with discrimination and thinking mind. With that, he should search for the Supreme Self which alone can grant him permanent and perennial peace. We can never get peace from the shops. It has to be sought out from within the Self. Most of the people in the world are chasing desert sands to quench their thirst. He chases the mirage thinking that it is a lake. When he goes near, it moves further away. It is mere illusion to chase the mirage.

The world has seen many Emperors. They have built large cities and conquered many countries. We have studied in history books about the Roman and Greek empires. What happened to them. What happened to their cities. Many of them are in ruins. This reveals one precious Truth. Nothing lasts for ever. From ordinary individuals to Great Emperors, every body reaches the mud one day, however mighty he may be. Time vanquishes every thing. Then what should we really desire. It is pure knowledge called wisdom which will reveal to us what is ephemeral and what is Eternal.

We need not ask from God anything. He is aware of our real needs. If only we Trust his wisdom, then every thing will become peaceful and we can ever remain in Joy. The creation is His Will. Hence he has already made arrangements for our needs but we get it only at the appropriate time. Since we are not aware what to ask from Him, we can always say, Lord! grant us those things which you feel best for our secular and spiritual welfare! If we are subjected to troubles and trials, that is also His sweet will so that we are transformed after a miserable experience. Hence Trust His Wisdom!


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