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Truth, Love combined with Non-violence makes one Mahatma, the greatest soul.

Updated on October 2, 2016

Correcting the mind!

It is the mind which is the greatest culprit!

The mind is mad, not only mad, it is intoxicated too! Added to that, it is alike a mad monkey which creates more confusion than one think! But, almost all the people madly pursue their mind and its foolish cravings. Thus everyone descends to the bottomless pit of mundane life, from which none can escape except by the help of a true preceptor! A child may crave for toys but not a grown up man. He has responsibilities towards family and society. He cannot cry or pester anyone for cheap toys! But, in reality we have become crying babies for each and everything! God has granted man, intellect and intelligence. Instead, man blindly follows the whims and fancies of the mind! The mind takes man in several directions! It changes its directions very often! It is wonder how man remains sane in spite of the mind’s pulls and pushes!

While granting man, thinking capacity and choice making capabilities, god has enforced one irrevocable law! Whatever man does out of his own volition, he will have to undergo the effects without fail. Having obtained such powerful faculties, if man plunders his abilities in enjoying animal pleasures, his life become worthless and futile. A wild animal’s life in comparison is better than such man! This tantamount to drinking water in a golden vase, which came as a heredity. Water can be drunk from glass tumblers or stainless steel containers or cups. If he is aware of the value of golden vase, he would have kept it inside an iron chest. In a similar way, man wastes his precious life in pursuing paltry sensual pleasures. The body is granted to us for realizing the Divine within! Having obtained a human form, we should not waste our life in eating, drinking and merry making! These are incidental to life, but one should utilize the body in pursuing spiritual path!

Definition of non-violence!

Worldly riches can never save us when death calls!

Many people madly believe that their bank balances, properties, shares and bonds will save them in times of distress. With this presumption, they exert every nerve to add more and more to already accumulated wealth! Alas, when the god of death strikes, your money can not save you, nor your education or status in society. We have seen great dictators die suddenly due to their own ideas of threat. That is how Hitler ended his life. None dared to defy him but he could not defy his own death! Though he was a ruthless dictator, yet he feared something which ended his life! Hence none can remain brave when death strikes! But there was a great man in India, who never bothered about death! He was shot at point blank range by a man who was against Gandhi’s principle of tolerance! He thought by killing Gandhi, he can put to end his noble virtue of tolerance! He has miscalculated. Though there are serious differences between various religious sects and some skirmishes here and there, yet in many places, the people are living harmoniously. But the media is always bent upon highlighting negative events more prominently. They simply do not care about positive news! The media portrays everyone as a demon, but there are good people among the bad in society. Because of the good one, we get rainfall! Also, rain is indiscriminate. It falls over an area without considering the qualities of people residing there.

God never discriminates between good and bad! For Him, all are children and he is concerned more about the bad one! Yes, He wants them to get transformed and reach Him one day! Love never distinguish or differentiate. Love is selfless and our ego self is loveless!

The righteous mind!

The world remembers Gandhi for his supreme virtues!

This is the main virtue of Love! Embracing all equally and no preferential treatment to the good is the virtue of Love! In fact, good people do not get the same attention from god as bad one gets! The good will automatically follow righteous path! They need no additional guidance. But the bad need correction at each and every step of their life! Today is the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi! He was an ordinary person who adopted Truth as the backbone of his life. Once when Gandhi uttered a simple lie to avoid hunger of his mother, she got terribly upset for her son who uttered a lie! She grieved that such a son had been born of her! Instantly Gandhi realized the virtue of Truth and in his entire life, he followed Truth and non-violence as his two eyes. Many people were more famous in the political field but the name of Gandhi will ever remain etched in the mind of people all over the globe! He was assaulted physically many times in South Africa and elsewhere but he never retaliated nor harbored any ill will towards the perpetrators of such atrocities. He was abused but he never lost his self-respect. When the court charged him with mutiny and fined him five dollars, he said, I have not induced mutiny! It is the self-respect of the native Indians, when disturbed raise their voice! I won’t pay any fine! The judge himself has paid the money on behalf of Gandhi and he was let off! That is the strength of Truth practiced by Gandhi! On his birth day, I am glad to share his memories!

There is no weapon mightier than Truth! There is no mighty weapon other than pure Love! With these two harmless weapons, the minds of the people could be harmonized! For achieving this onerous victory, each one must transform his evil and bad tendencies to human virtues. Violence in any form is condemnable. People think that violence pertains to physical. No, mental torture due to bullying by others is the worst kind of violence. We should practice non-violence in feelings, thoughts and deeds! Then only it is true non-violence, which Gandhi practiced in his entire life! He was not coward but the bravest one, who single handedly obtained Independence from the mighty British Empire!

There is no god higher than truth!


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