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Truth within the Grid

Updated on February 17, 2012

Truth within the Grid

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

The Life Grid is the result of automatic writing and was created as a tool to self-discovery and understanding. When looking at the symbols, one will always stand out and attract your attention. That symbol then imparts information that will be useful to you at the time. The truth can be related on many levels and aspects of your life so consider it carefully and relate it to your present circumstances. The five symbols below represent only a small portion of the 56 symbols in the Grid, but will give you an idea of its purpose. Explore.


Here, a truth about yourself is somehow eluding you. There has been some effort in searching for the true inner nature, but so far that truth has not been revealed. Furthering that pursuit will come from quiet introspection, your actions, responses and where they have come from, revealing much about your true inner self.


A world of vision and possibility has suddenly revealed itself on some level. It marks a time of beginning a new journey. Do not walk with trepidation, but realise that care and taking one step at a time is important. Don’t push too hard or fast with your new-found enthusiasm, but know that success comes through patience and tenacity. Pushing can cause all manner of disappointment and delay, so take it easy and enjoy the process.


A well-founded path is indicated here, having chosen a particular study, inquiry or new direction. Yet there are always questions unanswered, always a tinge of uncertainty in all that we do. This is simply our subconscious keeper, urging us to view the big picture and to make informed decisions. Our chosen paths are rarely straight and without complication. You should always remember that it is the bends and twists, the unexpected circumstances that make the journey even more worthwhile in the end.


This symbol represents our place in the scheme of things. It urges the understanding that we are one with all consciousness, all life. We may be separate on some levels but ultimately we come from the same matter of which all things exist. This symbol requires this understanding and to gain a broader perspective and view of life as a whole.


This symbol represents overconfidence. There is something that you wish to accomplish but your timing is out and you are pushing. When we are not yet ready or the time is not right for action, moving forward can produce delays or associated problems. This symbol urges you to wait, have patience and look at your true motives for what you are doing. Being open to your own thought processes can save you much anguish.


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      Apostle Jack 6 years ago

      It all comes out in the wash.