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Fate, Possession, and the Truth About Spiritual Pests and Dark Energy

Updated on April 2, 2013

As we discussed in a previous article, we believe spiritual possession exacerbates, and can even be the root of, some, but not all, problems and traumas in life. However, from a spiritual standpoint, there are no victims, so we feel dark energy and lost souls cannot exclusively be blamed for someone's troubles without considering why the person was affected in the first place.

It's often the karma of the host to experience the challenges of possession, yet it's also their responsibility to heal themselves by removing the energy and strengthening themselves in order to avoid such circumstances in the future.

Our belief is that everyone has the free will to remove most negative energy and perhaps all lost souls from themselves, and we recommend specific techniques such as our Spiritual Detox mediation audio and the spiritual cleansing script in our Direct Your Destiny (tm) e-package.

Lost souls are far more common than people realize. Why are we convinced of this? Due to our meditation practices, empathic nature and since we avoid things that cloud perception, we often naturally perceive what most people miss. In fact, sometimes we wish we were a little less innately other-dimensional because it can be unsettling and cause perception overload at times, especially when lost souls gravitate towards us because they sense we might be able to help them. Sometimes we wonder if someone posted "lost souls welcome" signs at our homes and offices.

One recent example involving lost souls happened when Stephen moved into a new home. Even though he used sage and white Light to clear it the day he moved in, the place still didn't feel right. That night he was about to fall asleep when he felt and perceived the shadow of a man standing next to his bed. Since he was exhausted and knew it was only a ghost, he decided to create a Light of protection in his bedroom for the night so he could sleep and wait until the next day to assist the soul. The following day, while reading aloud his Spiritual Protection script, he perceived two guides dressed as policemen (for Stephen's benefit, so he'd realize they were helpers) escort a drunken lost soul to the Light. Apparently, the lost soul's body had died in a DUI accident and at some point the entity had followed the previous owners of Stephen's place home.

You have the free will to always protect yourself, but we also believe that some dark energy (or at least that which might be classified as such), under certain circumstances, has a divine purpose.

Astrologically, Mars and Saturn, for example, can represent fated destruction, strife, and failure (among other things), which is a necessary part of life, like death.

It's entirely reasonable to classify various blocks that hindered your love life years ago, for instance, as important parts of your path. Why do we believe this, you ask? Because patterns in comprehensive charts indicate key life events, such as you finally overcoming love life blocks at a certain time.

Overcoming it at an earlier time wasn't an option, as dictated by your personal fate.

Remember, a certain amount (for some, a lot more than others, as reflected in the comprehensive numerology and astrology charts) of adversity and failure is a natural and necessary part of your earthly existence and serve important spiritual purposes, contrary to many of the inspirational messages in today's self-help marketplace.

What's that you say? We're preaching doom and gloom fatalism? We understand why it may be viewed that way if you haven't witnessed what we have through our ongoing empirical research involving our client base and other work, from which we objectively derive our theories.

It can be very challenging at times to convey our findings without sounding "negative," differing greatly from views of other, more famous "experts," or sounding too "out there" to the uninitiated. But the reality is that "bad" things, like spirit possession and attachment, happen in life for good reasons, and we do our best to relay this, along with the reasons why, so you can better prepare, react in the most positive way possible and enjoy a more satisfying life.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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