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Truth, Faith and Believing Within The Realm Of Realities

Updated on January 30, 2012

Material Reality

Material reality is tangible and can be seen. e.g. I see a table in a room, and I have just met MrX for the first time in our lives, and I say to MrX there is a table in that room, and MrX cannot see into the room.

MrX has a choice. MrX can believe what I said to be true or MrX can choose not to believe what I said to be true. Either decission MrX makes will not change relality or what is true. If MrX does not believe me and says prove it. I then have a choice. I can say to MrX believe what you want to believe or I can take MrX into the room and let MrX see for himself.

The Reality Of Faith

The reality of Faith is not tangible and cannot be seen. Replay the example used for Material reality and this time. I and MrX have known each other for 20 years. And within those 20 years MrX has never known me to lie. With this reality MrX will use his experience with me and make the judgement that there is a table in the room without seeing it, MrX will by faith believe what I said to be true.

How Does The Idea Of God Work Within The Human Relality

Humans have the ability to choose what they want to believe. However, what ever their choice is, it will be by their faith in what they determine to be true.

3 different human examples

1 - Agnostic's - they believe that humans cannot really know if God exsist, they determine this to be true.

2 - Atheist - believe there is no God, they determine this to be true.

3 - Religious - believe in God, they determine this to be true.

What Is True Reality?

What is True Reality? It is what it is. Reality is not what we determine it to be. But what is real.

e.g. Parents tell their children there is a Santa Clause, children automatically trust their parents and believe that Santa Clause is real. the child determines by faith in it's parents that it is true. Is Santa Clause real? no, so Santa Clause is not reality, even though the child believes that Santa Clause is real.

The Material Reality Of God

I have been a Christian for over 40 years. I have seen the material reality of God working. In this present day the ones who have been healed physically, mentally, finacially and spiritually, by Jesus Christ are countless. Jesus Christ is True Reality and I don't determine this to be true. I know this to be true.


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