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Try to be "Nothing" in order to merge with God!

Updated on January 3, 2016

Pearls of wisdom!

Become absolutely empty!

As a new born baby, we had a pure mind. As we started growing, we started filling up our mind with various desires and likes. Even as a baby, we have started hating certain things. We always wanted cajoling and caressing from our mothers and others. With the blank mind in the beginning we could sleep happily even for eighteen hours a day, waking up only to drink milk or after passing urine etc. At that time, we were mostly selfless, loving and without any burden of the mundane world. Every one took turns to take care of us.

When we grew into a boy or girl, there was no more continuous care. At times, we were admonished for our mischiefs. We resented this sternness when all along, we were enjoying the comforts of mother’s hug. Slowly we confronted different behaviors of different persons, friends, teachers and others in society. At times, we were left to fend ourselves with silent crying. Yes, growth brought responsibilities. Hence we can never expect the same kind of attention poured over us. This is natural. A small sapling is cared meticulously by the gardener who erect small fence around to prevent goats eating it. When it is grown to sufficient height and girth, the same sapling grew into a small tree giving shade to the very goats which once tried to devour it. This is how things evolve over a course of time.

It is said that “A rolling stone gathers no mass”. We cannot take it literally. But a person involved in worldly affairs definitely gathers heavy mass in the course of time. We learn different things from everyone including our parents, relatives and friends. Then peers and bosses mold us to some extent. Our sorrows and grief chisel us to certain extent. In fact, we need to shed a substantive portion of our inherited and accumulated moss.

A pertinent example has been given by Sathya Saibaba once to the devotees. “A huge block of rock is seen as an inert mass by the wayfarers. Only a sculptor imagines a beautiful form of divine lying dormant in the block of rock. What he does is peculiar. He removes the extraneous unwanted rock that surrounds the divine form. Before starting his work, he has formed the beautiful form of divine in his inner eye. Now he removes only the excess rock portions covering it. If you watch the sculptor’s work after some time, the rough form would have emerged from the rock. Now only his real work starts. He has to fine chisel the minute coverings over the face, body, eyes, nose and mouth. He has to access the nice chin and all other decorations that cover the beautiful divine form. After some more time, we can see the beautiful form of god or goddess from the crude rock. What the sculptor did is simply removing the excess materials.

In a similar manner, God wants a beautiful form of divine out of our crude make up. Yes, we are like the mass of inert rock in the beginning. Slowly, god removes the hard and thick mass of vices and habits that formed over our souls during many incarnations. It is a slow but sure process. But there is only one precondition. We have to submit to his hammer strokes and fine chiseling. Never complain that god is subjecting you to crude treatment. Ultimately, you will emerge as the beautiful divine form. Hence, everything that happens to the individual soul is only for his good. Here I remember a beautiful stanza from the Divine Lord!





In fact, He wants us to become nothing to enable us to merge with Him! Hence strive to become nothing (without Ego and selfishness).

From "Nothing to Everything"


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 2 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Dear. Our ançestors undertook coñtinuous penance for thousands of years and realized truths.we enjoy their wisdom through books añd share them in forums with like minded friends.It is real gift to us.Thank you.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      Being Nothing. Beyond Nothingness to Eternity. Great Hub!