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Try to decode this hard to understand, rambling philosophy on human nature and god

Updated on March 17, 2010

try to think about each line that is said, really think. If you read this without taking your time you will gain nothing from it

There is no need for a god. God was created by man in our image. We see ourselves as the manipulators and creators of things. We look around and see that everything around us seems to be made up of something. So we decide that there must be a creator behind these things that seem to have been made. In order for us to understand the world and the things around us we must write it in our own terms. We create a similar being in our image to resemble things around us things we manipulate and even feel everyday. Like the ancient Greeks and their gods of love, nature, water, and war. Everything in nature is or was once backed up by a god that resembles a man. A man with the ability to manipulate a given feature in the universe. Gods do not exist only the idea of gods exist. We feel less alone if we give meaning to everything not just with ideas and emotions but with actual god like beings that we can relate to. We must feel comfortable in “our world” and the resources we use. So the almost automatic human response is to accept this stuff as a gift from someone. But who gave this gift? It wasn’t a man. And we cannot accept the fact that its just here because that’s uncomfortable. So it must be a god with similar human like behavior that gave it to us to use. We define the gods of our time around our culture whatever we care about most god cares about or will eventually. Today god is slowly learning to accept homosexuals because we are slowly learning to accept homosexuals. Anything we feel is right god must feel is right. Right? Because that would just be wrong. God’s characteristics are defined as anything in our capacity to want. Things that we know of that we wish we could manipulate more than we already can. God is a perfect person in our eyes in the smallest sense. He ignores birth and death. Which humans know of and have to deal with. And because of this he ignores aging( humans fear aging) and even time and space. Even the older gods such as the god of war and the god of water manipulated things that we held close to heart. The generals of the past wished they were gods of war and every sailor feared but loved the sea. The fought the sea as if they were fighting a being. They wished that they could control the sea so they created a being that could. A man with the power to control the sea. Humans create false delusional characters that help them cope with the forces of life. This includes everything that defines god. Life, death, time, and everything else that we deal with, even praying helps us cope with the things that we normally couldn’t cope with on our own. God deals with these things. But god cannot do anything that humans cannot imagine. God is the human minds prisoner. His capacity to do is, in a sense, equal to the capacity of our minds to imagine. What can god do that I cannot imagine him doing? Spirituality is kind of like love in the sense that people can make up anything they want about it. Everyone can draw their own but similar conclusions. The concept of gods, spirits, demons, and all others alike exists in every culture and is natural just like love. God is wonder and a coping mechanism. Spirituality does exist but everything that comes with it is the human experience and a survival instinct. Its real only to the human race. Whether you believe in god or not finding beauty in things and feeling connected with something beyond yourself is spirituality. But the god and the whole human experience ghosts, demons, a sense of connection or that something’s out there is all only a human experience it only exists to us. Just as love exists in the brain. But everything that comes with love all the human connections bonds are there to help us survive and thrive they only exist to us. People attempt and get lost in spirituality just as much as they do love.

Umm decided to continue to write about what I just rambled about. haha

More on spirituality and what free will really means and is.

Spirituality means finding beauty and any other human social ability and applying it to any situation involving wonder or paranoia. This usually occurs when you are deeply focused on a situation or if you are alone or in danger. This can include a psychological or physical danger. This ability to apply new knowledge to other situations and even make predictions or draw inferences gives you the ability to apply your emotional damage caused by drug use or the death of a loved one to the world around you and your future. This is kind of like when you relate to another person and try to feel what their feeling like empathy. Your mind continuously adjust the world around you to fit you and your psychological state to help you survive. It allows you too interpret the world around you to your liking. Animals cannot to this nearly as well. Humans are socially complex unlike other animals. Humans connect to everything around them and apply their human attributes and even emotions and abilities. They do this to inanimate objects and even complex ideas such as movies and books. Humans can take they have learned and apply it to anything they need to, to become for fit for survival. This ability gives humans a complex purpose in the world which helps man cope with their abilities to pick up on non existent human characteristics in the world around them. Humans can take what they have learned in one context and use it in another context. A great example is when a close person dies in your life you have the ability to apply what you’ve learned of death to other people and yourself that could die in the future. This can cause humans to do things that aren’t really necessary. The brings in the belief of the supernatural. Lets say you are in a forest with some people and you hear something in the woods you begin to get paranoid. You’ve never been in the forest before and all you know as a human is human socializing such as recognizing facial expressions have conversation picking up on the feeling that something’s behind you anything that you know and your used too. Everything I just described is the something you’ve learned in one context except it involves everything you know so far rather than just one situation. The new context your applying it to is the forest and the sound your hearing. Well you and the people your with do not see anything. So you start creating a complex possibility of what is creating the sound using. This is the using what you’ve learned and applying it to a new situation. You may only know of or have heard of beasts in the forest or wild animals but you’ve never have actually seen an animal from the forest. You describe it using what you know and you even talk to the people around you and apply what you already know and apply it to what their saying. You apply everything you know and create and fake but human like create. In the sense that it will probably have some human like characteristics. Humans mostly learn by using social techniques. Social techniques are used because humans learn about the who, what, where, why, and how by relating to everything around them. Even inanimate objects, ideas, and even other creatures. Even things such as a movie, imagining that you’re a bug, seeing human expressions in dogs, cars, and even houses. Such as a smile in a dog or a sad look, a face in a car, or even eyes and a mouth in a house. This all comes back to spirituality, love , god, and any other complex so human ability to survive. This is why we can create and manipulate and apply any concept to any other concept. We as humans can mix and match very well.

This is why free will is really defined as the ability, for example, to question the lack of food in an area rather than just moving on like a mouse would. For man life is not that simple, man must understand so they end up creating a false explanation to fill in the gap. This gives man the ability to pass on knowledge so their off spring don’t just move on. This gives man the ability to not have to worry about why their situation has changed or even gives them to mind set and ability to believe that they are influencing the situation or even develop a technique to deal with the situation. It may not even actually do anything, such as praying to a god for more food, but it helps humans feel more in control of their situation. So they do it the only way they know how, which is by relating to the situation using a social approach. Such as worship which is basically another form of following the leader. Which helps give man a social purpose.

Today man explains things using science. Many may think science is not spiritual but the truth is its very spiritual. This is because people create patterns to organize and better understand reality. They basically apply beauty- which is basically seeing something you about yourself or the world around you to a specific new situation or object. An example of beauty and spirituality in science is seeing wholeness in the universe even though the universe seems so scattered and out of order. Just like you see wholeness in yourself even the everything about you is so scattered. Science can explain how everything works and responds to everything else. But science can not explain the meaning of life. Because the meaning of life is not concrete and does not really exist. This is because patterns and wholeness and everything you believe about the world around you and who you are is not real. An atom is not really like a galaxy but a human may see it this way because it helps you make things work as far as you can understand . This is comparing and contrasting.

Everything we do is done so we can make more of the world like us. We manipulate to create and assign identities relating to us to everything. Even something like giving your opinion, making a violin, or writing a book.

We as humans, unlike animals, adjust the world around us rather than adjusting to the world around us.

The human purpose is not only to survive but to help the their offspring survive and their offspring’s offspring survive. Humans are different from animals because they not only need to survive but they need to make the future as easy as possible. Humans do this by using history, technology, which helps create a human reality and helps future generations improve on past generations. Every person who ever lived lives on in that sense. Through their impressions. Humans don’t accept disease and problems they confront them head on.

a sudden ending....


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      I could try. Although all you have to do is have interesting discussions constantly, read a lot, and write your ideas down. I used to talk and write philosophy all the time, but I have not been doing so lately. It is hard to get back in the groove but the key is being consistent; doing these things everyday. Eventually you will become an amazing philosopher or scientist. whatever you want to be.Honestly this essay is terrible and has a lot of mistakes and confusing sentences but there is some wisdom that can be found throughout.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      sir, would u tell me how to think scientifically to become famous scientist like albert einstein


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