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Twin Flames & Soulmates: Manifestation & Telepathy

Updated on November 3, 2015

Twin Flame Telepathy

Twin Flames & Soulmates are constantly manifesting through telepathy.
Twin Flames & Soulmates are constantly manifesting through telepathy. | Source
This is the sweater that my Twin Flame and I manifested, tonight. Sounds trivial, but imagine manifestations -literally hundreds per day -and you'll have a clear idea of Twin Flame Manifestation.
This is the sweater that my Twin Flame and I manifested, tonight. Sounds trivial, but imagine manifestations -literally hundreds per day -and you'll have a clear idea of Twin Flame Manifestation. | Source

Understanding The Dynamic

There are many differences between Twin Flame Telepathy and Soulmate Telepathy. Firstly, since everyone we happen across in your lifetime incarnated on this earth is a Soulmate for us, whether it's the stranger who smiles at us in the parking lot, or our families, or those we know well. Have you ever had the thought, "I feel like [enter any name here] is sad today?" This is an example of Telepathy.

Coupled with our intuition, Telepathy can make a powerful appearance in many ways and with almost anyone. If you have experienced the telepathic connection as described above, chances are, the Higher Power created this incident so that you could better prepare, and additionally assist, whomever it was that you connected with at the time.

Twin Flame Telepathy is much different than Soulmate Telepathy. While Soulmate Telepathy is often very clear and "in your face," Twin Flame Telepathy is much more subtle. Think: a whisper versus a scream. The reason for the subtlety is due to the fact that in cases of Twin Flames or Soul Twins, it is two that are sharing one soul while inhabiting two separate bodies. If the telepathy between Twin Flames were as loud or strong and intense as Soulmate telepathy, the poor Twins would likely go mind-deaf, be turned-off by the invasive incidents, thus repelling one another and therefore ultimately preventing or delaying the reunion. In addition, the respective Twins would be robbed of autonomy and individual thought, and it's also been suggested that the twins would therefore lack empirical thought (not to mention peace and privacy.)

Examples of Soulmate Telepathy:

1. "I was just thinking that!" - You'll hear this a lot with Soulmates.

2. "You just finished my sentence!" - You'll hear this even more with Soulmates.

3. "I just did that yesterday too!" - Another common parallel with Soulmates.

4. "I dreamed about you last night!" - Soulmates often dream of one another on a very frequent basis.

5. "We seem to have had the same dream or experience!: - Soulmates are constantly sharing synchronicity.

Examples of Twin Flame Telepathy:

1. "For three straight days, I kept hearing the word, 'get' and I kept remembering the conversation we had about Jewish divorce procedure, over and over in my mind. Now, you say your ex-wife wants a Get. How ironic." - Twin Flames often "hear" certain (very specific) words or phrases that somehow syncs his or her respective Twin.

2. "You're chewing on your thumb. I have had a painful thumb for days. Please stop that chewing." - Twins often experience things just before or simultaneously with their partner.

3. "I keep having the same dream about you over and over again, and the same colors appear. Now, I see you're doing that thing I dreamed of. How ironic!" - Twins will experience constant, never-ending synchronicity. When one's syncs pause, the other begins to experience the syncs in his or her place, but it is never-ending and always constant.

4. "I dreamed we met at a certain place. Now it just happened." - Twins will dream of things long before they occur.

5. "We were just discussing finding this thing, and look what just appeared!" - Twins are constantly manifesting. If one wishes for outdoor furniture, the other will intuitively sense it without realizing, and will manifest whatever it is.

A fine example of Twin Flame Telepathy and Manifestation would be my recent trip to Saver's. (For those of you who don't reside in New England, this would be similar to a Goodwill or thrift store.) I had been admiring a certain pink sweater in the VS catalog for about a year. I believe it's still in the catalog for $68. (It's pictured below in purple, but the one I wanted (and the one we found at Saver's) was my choice color: soft pink. I am very particular about my clothing and am even more particular about the price. Today, I found a like-new one in my size (medium) in my color choice, for only $6.99 and it happened to be the senior's 30% off day (my Twin has the required discount card) and I was able to get my coveted sweater for almost nothing. My Twin found a 100% cashmere long coat in his favorite color (blue) marked down. I, on the other hand, did not find the charcoal grey wool, double-breasted (belted) pea coat because I hadn't worked on Manifesting it. However, at the checkout counter, we were given 2 additional 30% off cards so I can return to Saver's later in the week and get another discount (and find my coat.) Notice the synchronicity.


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