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Two Fisted Prayer

Updated on December 5, 2012

Two-Fisted Prayer, for the Really Bad Days

There may be days or times when praying does not seem "right" for the believer in Jesus Christ. Our minds wander from the moment and purpose. Other things cloud our senses. We get into a dark place in our minds. Or maybe we are just plain "mad at God" for not doing what we ask.

There will be other times when we just can’t prayer because we are all caught up in ourselves and our problems that it crowds out the ability to pray. It may sound like an unbelieving attitude, and it probably is, but it will happen. And you will not be alone.

Every believer will experience this feeling at one time or another.

Even the great men of the Bible have felt this same emptiness or hopelessness, 2 Kings 19:4; Psalm 22.

Our world and its troubles do not go away, but many times they pull us away from God. Its at those times, when we are beset with troubles of men and circumstance, when we seem to have lost touch with God, that it takes some "two-fisted prayer" to get us back on track.

The phrase "two-fisted" has been used over time to express an ardent attitude of mind and spirit. But it is also a physical picture of distress, the "white knuckle" times.

We know that in times of frustration, the body tightens up. Two major indicators of this is a tighten jaw and tightened fists.

But the believer can reverse the situation by prayer.

First, we sit or stand and submit the tightened fists to God in petition for help. The eyes may be open or closed. No words are "spoken."

Then we begin to untangle our emotions by thanking God for five things, things that you have always been thankful for. As you do this, you open one finger of the right fist with each item.

Then, with the mind’s eye, you look around at people you know, who are in a worse state than you, and you petition God on their behalf. As you name them individually, you open one finger on the left hand for each person.

When you have finished, you will find yourself before God with open hands, having thanked Him for some of the many things He has given you. And you will have found that your situation is not as bad as some of those around you.

Your troubles will have lessened and you will be able to thank God for all things, John 14:27.

Give the moment to God. He has given you an eternity.


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    • PastorAndrew profile image

      Andrew Grosjean 5 years ago from Detroit

      That's a pretty good devotional on prayer.