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Two Funerals, One Christian ,One Sinner

Updated on November 23, 2011

Two Funerals ,One Christian ,One Sinner

I went to a funeral and it was very sad,

I remember the anguish and crying.The

man's wife sobbed and her son tried

helplessly to console her.A daughter sat

there in.tears. I thought that man had done

so little for his family ..A drunk , he had

made money but his family lived in poverty.

The money that should have supported

them went on whiskey.Now a heart attack

had claimed his life,and as I saw him in the

casket,I thought how dissipated his life had

been, His life showed in his face, a fast living

man who came to a bitter end with only Hell

to welcome him.

Then I remembered another man , a Godly

man who like Enoch had walked with God.Now

at the journey's end his tired old body lay

clothed in his final earthly garments.His wife

was there , heartbroken because he was all

that she had,but now he was gone ,but

even in her sorrow she could be joyful.She

knew her beloved was with Jesus now, his

suffering was ended and he had quietly

closed his eyes and slept his way to

Heaven,I stood at his casket and gazed

at his face. Such a peaceful look on his

countenance, almost smiling he had

passed over the threshold to be with

his Lord.

I thought there is no escaping it, we

all end up here,but oh, the difference

between a saint and a sinner's death!


When our time comes to go where will we

be headed, we only have two choices, It

Is up to us where we go , I choose to go

to Heaven and be with The Lord and

loved ones who have gone on before.

How about you?


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