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Two Groups, One Language , 2 Ideologies

Updated on September 2, 2012

The "Electronic World": One Language, 2 Cultures

We, the believers in actual reality are being crowded out by two different Major groups. Each one is a collective.......there is no privacy and members: emotions, location and words are dictated by an outside source. One will be referred to as Dark Side, the other as Light Side. I will point out a crucial thing about Dark-Siders: they appear to have an alien intelligence living within them. They have much less freedom than Light-Siders are more heavily-dependant on externally-based: feelings and thoughts. Some are merely puppets being manipulated from the outside. Some have actual "foreign entities" dwelling in the place we call "The Seat of the Soul".

I know more about Dark-Siders because they constitute much of my social environment. They use Race to denote the charachter of one's "inner self". I am often referred to as "Mulatto" (though I myself am caucasian). This is how they see me: a mixture of light and dark spiritual elements. To them, I am some kind of "freak", but I believe WE were here before either Psychic Collective came to inhabit this planet. I feel that both realities are: Synthetic, Employ One Language of Doublespeak and are highly directed by outside sources. We "Normal Reality People" are being sorted out through electronic behavioral-modification, enticement, entrapment and Gangstalking from Both sides to determine if we are "Good People" or "Dark People".

Now, what is considered to be a "Good Person" isn't based on 20th-century values. It's not OK to have sex out of wedlock, you are non-violent to the point that you would in fact "turn the other cheek" if someone were to slap you. You DEFINITELY don't scope out women, especially if that woman is married to someone else. You do not take recreational drugs, drink or smoke. Either side will call you "trash" for violating these procrustean rules and engage in street theatre to demonstrate their position towards you (you will see someone throwing away "trash"). The angrier you become, the worse the electronic harassment becomes. People used to throw things down or curse when they were angry. Now, such trivial activities can get you electronic harassment. The Dark Siders call your hatred of harassment: "Love". It tends to intensify one's resentment - leading to a loss of control of one's anger.

I cannot count the number of run-ins I've had with both groups for my 20th-century moral values. I've had my memory erased, my inner-self worn down to the quick and even have been forced to feel: repulsive sexual feelings, made to feel that I was angry with people I wasn't angry with, manipulated to engage in behaviors I otherwise would not have, even been forced to feel synthetic feelings of hatred for members of my own family. I've had my will beaten to a bloody pulp and experienced multiple experiences that make a Bad Acid trip look tame.

Now here's where it gets HEAVY. I've had multiple attempts to usurp control of my body and mind from myself and replacement by a hostile intelligence. People who are "Dark Siders" will make you feel VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. I have spent years trying to find medications that would allow me to interact with this group without "feeling freaked-out". In one case, this "hostile intelligence" emanated DIRECTLY from a member and tried to take over my mind and body. We have found that part of the person that makes them who they are and that place can be erased and re-written using scientific methods and a little old-fashioned hoodoo technique borrowed from the Occult.

Now, they do this to people who have been influenced to engage in atrocious moral behavior. You can be seduced by a woman, influenced to become intoxicated or kept up for nights on end...........leading to a weakened reality in which you can be "attacked" by this "foreign intelligence". This is A PSYCHIC INVASION mediated through: electronic manipulation of your body (shocks, peristalsing intestines, itching skin, a clenching and un-clenching bladder, synthetic: thoughts/emotions and what I call "The Fake Heart Attack"). You can be "invaded" by your TV, one of them, or especially one of them typing on a laptop or cell phone. You get the idea that these words, clicks, pops and feelings constitute a "language" which is controlling your mind.

Now, the important thing is to NOT BELIEVE that these people are out to scramble your mind - EVEN IF THEY ARE. You've got to ignore it at all costs and even pray to God for it to stop when it gets bad enough. These people do not like God and have been known to leave my prescence merely by me THINKING about God. They operate on different "frequencies". They can make you feel: aroused, frightened, angry. They act like total zombies when you are temporarily cut off from reality and totally normal when your mind is sound. Proving this would be near to impossible and even if you could: most people have taken a side. Neither side is allowed to disclose anything about itself or the other side. They will react with shock if you tell them the things I'm telling you and call you "crazy".


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    • profile image

      Alex 5 years ago

      Interesting hub! Perhaps you could develop or explain more certain points in your hub, in future post.. you decide the portrait of you, they do not like that much.. Who cares, really? ;) Human beings who are targeted indiv. are quite independent, think for themselves, love freedom and do not like not a bit people that like to control others.. People who have real personality like to defend what they think is right and respect others with personality, but they... do not like a bit of individuality, it's a great invention of God, unique expression in world, danger for their planes, involves criativity and being not so much predictable.

      Congratulation Moeflats three years!! :)