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Two Views Towards Spirituality

Updated on July 22, 2012

Two Paths, Two Views

Two Views Towards Spirituality

©2009 Dorothy W. Parker All Rights Reserved

1. Religion of the Twice Born

When we embark on a journey towards spirituality, for many of us it is because something in us is divided and we need singleness of mind. We want answers to questions, we want peace of mind, we want stability in our relationships, we want release from evils, or we want to satisfy something within ourselves that is missing. We are often looking for the new birth experience, we are looking for restitution, or redemption from guilt or lack of perfection. We want to feel a sense of entitlement to this life we have been given. Those of us who need to be “twice born” have a sense that something is wrong with us and we adopt a religious view that we are damaged goods and nothing in us will ever be good enough so we must be born again. This understanding of our being is the real struggle behind our journey. The fact that we feel unworthy makes the journey long and hard. Our journey is to find redemption and reconnect to ultimate reality, to reconnect to Divinity. We want to be restored to a broken relationship. We want to be found because we are lost; we want to live because we are dead. We want to awaken because we are sleep.

2. Religion of the Once-Born

Then there are those of us who embark on the journey because we have a deep sense of the journey from within, we feel the connection to all life, the Divine, and ourselves. We do not have mixed feelings within or without. We embark on the journey to strengthen the bond within ourselves to continue the growth process or the process of enlightenment. We understand the process that life is constantly unfolding its reality and we want to continue being a part of that unfolding. We understand that light has come into the world. There is also a deep sense of belonging, a sense that we are more than the sum total of our parts. The journey for us is not a wonders journey but a journey of purpose and intention. We understand our reality and our responsibility to life. We contribute to our journey; we are not just spectators on the journey, we know there is more to be gained by participating in life rather than just settling for the observer position. We know we have a connection to ultimate reality and we sense that connection, knowing it can never be broken. In Divinity we live, move, and have our being. We journey because we are purposed!

Whatever the purpose for our spiritual pursuits we are after something. Whatever it is we are after, our approach to the journey depends on our worldview or the way we see life. The journey is mirrored by our view, if we have an unhealthy (negative) view of the world or our lives, than our journey will be affected by that view. If we have a healthy view (positive view) of our world and our life, we will approach our journey from that view. Our spiritual view of the world will be mirrored by our natural view of the world. These are two views from which we will begin our journey towards spirituality.

Sometime we embark on our spiritual journeys out of a sense of duty; we feel some sort of unspoken obligation. What individual do you know, who has never felt a responsibility to seek some sort of spiritual/religious life. What you want to remember when approaching the journey is to remain single minded. Having an unsure or unstable mindset about your journey can sabotage your efforts before you get started. Make up your mind about the journey, decided what your worldview is and how you see your place among us and approach your journey from that point.

A verse in the Christian bible says, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways…” often we are confused about the wars we face from within so we look for answers without. The trouble many people have with their spirituality is the double mindedness or the dualistic thinking that pervades their life on a daily basis.

As the saying goes, “make up your mind” for many of us the problem is we do not know what it is we need to make up our minds about. On our journey towards spirituality, the duality within us can be an obstacle or it can be a road sign that provides direction for our journey.

The view from which we see our lives will be the view from which we see our spiritual journey. If our eye is single, you will journey on a single road, if it is double you will find your journey for the most part forked.

If you have a single eye for your journey you are not looking to be reborn, you have a view of life that says, our world is healthy and whole, you have an adorning love for life, you realize your connection to the world. You also have a sense of the Divine life that is non-separate, you understand your connected to all life and your journey is not to connect in any sense but to give of yourself as a unified whole. You know you are connected, you realize your source and your life express that reality. You know you are meant to be here to participate, to contribute to this thing called life.

However, on the other hand if you have a need to be twice born it is because you have a sense of loss or a non-connection to life and the Divine and your journey is to reconnect, to be reborn into a new reality of yourself and your relationship to life. You have an unhealthy view of the world as it is and you sense a duality in the world of good and evil. You live your life in a constant state of correction and judgment. You are not at peace with your state or the state of the world. You sense a deep-rooted evil and a deep-rooted good; the two are at war, not just within the world but also within your own being. Within you, there is a constant war raging; you either express it from without or from within. Your journey is to reconcile these two points and to find relief!

You have a constant expectation for a better place; you are not comfortable in your own skin. You have a tendency to avoid seeing the world as a home because you feel no connection to this realm, you want out. Many suicidal victims have a deep sense of disconnection to this reality; they want to feel a sense of belonging. They are preoccupied with a desire to escape their bodies because they feel confined or smothered by life.

The connection we all feel or do not feel is relevant to our journey and unless we understand which position we hold it will make our journey difficult to manage. You must look deep within yourself and know what your questions are, you need to know what your approach to your journey will be, perhaps you will start out with one view and in the mist of your journey you will find you hold another view altogether.

The two views “twice born” and “once born” realities are not that important, however, they must be clear, in your mind. What you must be open to discover on your journey, is which view you truly hold, which view will connect with your worldview, and that will help propel you forward. As you develop your spiritual muscle, you will find your spiritual climate. This is the beginning of a truly whole personality emerging within you. Understanding your connection to the whole of life can be very settling, it is our way of asking life for directions.

Most of us take the male approach with life we do not like asking for directions not in the traditional since because we have developed so many distractions, that we have substituted for guides. But when you approach your journey and make the commitment to stick with it you give up that idea that you know it all and you become vulnerable and you open to direction.

In conclusion, your approach to your journey whether it is the twice born or the once born approach, neither matters. We all need direction, make it a point to be open to life and you will find your way has been prepared for you. You will find not only the journey but the path has been laid out, all you have to do is start the journey towards spirituality!


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