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What Kind of Ghost is Haunting You?

Updated on October 24, 2015

Every haunting has a story

Did you know there are quite a few different types and categories of hauntings? Many people probably think that one haunting experience is the same as any other. But this is far from the truth. They are all different in how the spirit interacts with living people, and also physical objects. Sometimes even pets are haunted by them! Do you know the different types?

They come in your dreams

Sometimes, ghosts find it easier to make contact with us when we are in more of a calm, clear state of mind. It is no wonder then that ghosts often come to people in their dreams, and make themselves known in a way that can leave you scratching your head in disbelief.

Have you ever woken up from a deep sleep, only to feel like something heavy is sitting on your chest and you can't breathe? Or maybe something jarred you awake, and when you opened your eyes you saw a humanly figure, or a demon type creature in the room with you. And you just know that you were awake and your eyes were open. But then suddenly it's gone, and you're left questioning your own sanity. You try to ignore it and shut your eyes, and fall back asleep. But when you wake up the next day, it's all you can think about. every had this happen to you?

Some will argue no matter what that you were simply dreaming of something, and when you woke up your mind didn't quite adjust from it's dream state to the real world. And it sounds reasonable enough, doesn't it? But try telling that to somebody who has lived through the experience. It may just be that spirits are finding it easier to get through to you while you're asleep. After all, many of us are so busy with so many different thoughts running through our mind during the day that a spirit could practically run right into us and we wouldn't notice. It makes sense that they could get through easier when our brain is at rest, and all is quiet and peaceful. Sometimes a dream is just a dream. Other times....well, other's a little bit more than that.

Pets are very sensitive to spirit energy
Pets are very sensitive to spirit energy

The pets know

Sometimes, spirits have been seen to make contact with pets, mostly dogs and cats. It is hard to decipher strange animal behavior, and even more difficult to pinpoint their behavior to a haunting. But there are signs. When they see or hear strange things, they you might notice them acting rather strange in certain areas of your home. They may bark at nothing, or wine and act scared near the basement, or a particular closet, etc. They may stare and perk their ears up as if they are seeing something, but we look and do not see anything there.

This behavior is not always related to ghosts, however certain situations can make you wonder. If there are other odd things happening around the home, then your pet may also be experiencing some of these things. Only you really know what is normal behavior for your pet. I have a dog that got up from a dead sleep and stood up growling at the adjoining bathroom door in my bedroom. She then started barking, and walked over to the door sniffing around. This was not normal behavior for her, so it made me question what had happened. I was sleeping myself, so what made her get up, I have no idea. My father had passed a couple weeks before, so maybe it was him making contact with us? You may never know these things for sure, but clearly strange things like this can and do happen very often.


Most people probably have heard of this type of haunting, due to it being the story line in many scary movies. A poltergeist can be very dangerous, and suspicion of a poltergeist in or around your home should never be taken lightly. Usually, things start out simple enough. A strange noise hear or there, a small object seeming out of place, and was that a footstep upstairs, or just the house settling? At first many people, (especially non-believers), will just attribute it to normal every day things, or their mind playing tricks on them. But with a poltergeist, it rarely stays so calm for very long.

Eventually activity becomes heightened to the point where you just know that something is not right. You may catch glimpses of things out of the corner of your eye, but when you turn around, there is nothing there. But after some time, the poltergeist will be sure to make it's presence loud and clear. Many times people report loud crashes, howling, crying, screaming, and other very loud and disruptive noises that cannot be ignored.

But there is an even scarier and darker side yet to come. You start waking up in the morning with scratches or bruises on your body, with no idea when or how they occurred. You sometimes wake in the middle of the night with a feeling like something is strangling you, or a feeling like your chest is heavy and you cannot breathe. Things will be thrown across the room by an unseen force, and eventually will be thrown AT you. In the very latest stages of a poltergeist haunting, they may throw dangerous items that are sharp or very heavy and can do serious harm to you. A lot of times they choose one specific person in the home and target them.

When a poltergeist starts displaying dangerous activity, the best advice for you would be to leave and not think twice about it. They are known to be dangerous spirits, and are not there just to play games with you. They are usually there to harm you or your family, and will do so if not taken seriously.

A demonic possession can cause a persons appearance to change dramatically
A demonic possession can cause a persons appearance to change dramatically

Demonic Possession

Demons do exist, and although you may not hear about it often, it does still occur even today. The thing is, it takes a lot of energy and time, and a very strong spirit to possess a person. Many simply do not have the ability to take over a humans body, nor do they even have the desire. But one the occasions when it does happen, it can be very difficult for friends and family to witness.

Normally it starts with a change in attitude. The person may stop caring about activities that they once loved and enjoyed. They will no longer act themselves, and although at first you may just think they are sick, you soon will realize it is much more serious. They begin cursing, acting violently, and sometimes they will even speak in languages that the person never knew previously. They might have "blackouts" where they seem like their normal selves, but have no recollection of any odd behaviors they exhibited previously. Also they will usually develop a severe hatred towards anything in the house that represents Jesus, or church. They might destroy or even set fire to anything representing religion. People coming under demonic possession also have a tendency of self mutilating themselves. They might show extreme strength or intelligence, that is unexplainable for the average human being. Changes in the voice are also common, and they become very gruff and deeper sounding than they normally would be. An exorcism should be performed only by someone who is trained to do so, and with great caution. Your loved one usually is no longer in the body, and has been replaced by an evil force that can do you great harm if you're not careful.

Residual Haunting

A residual haunting is quite interesting, and most importantly, it normally means no harm to its surroundings. This type of spirit is simply going about its business, and staying out of yours. A lot of times a residual haunting will happen when a person isn't aware that they died, or they died suddenly and quickly. They will be seen doing the same thing, in the same spot. Walking by a certain room or area, and then usually disappearing as if they were never there to begin with. Smells also can be associated with this, such as fresh flowers (the person loved flowers), or the smell of food cooking (the person died while cooking, or enjoyed cooking), or the smell of cigarettes or cigars. A lot of people who have loved ones that passed away will experience a residual haunting. It also is said to happen frequently in Gettysburg, where the ghosts are seen marching as if going to battle, not knowing that the battle is long over. If you experience a residual haunting, rest easy. They are not there to harm you. In fact, they likely don't even know you're there. They are only doing as they did before they passed.

Shadow People

Shadow people are quite interesting, and a bit scary. It can be hard to convince yourself if you actually saw something or not. That is because shadow people rarely step out in all their glory, but would rather stay along walls, ceilings, doorways, etc. Have you ever felt positive that you saw something out of the corner of your eye, but when you look, there is nothing there? Shadow people are famous for this game of trickery. The Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky is well known for its shadow spirits. When looking down the long hallways during the night, you can often see them crossing the hallways or peeping around corners. They are not usually known to be any danger to people, thankfully.

Intelligent Haunting

An intelligent haunting generally will present itself by communicating with the living. Not only by moving objects, (although not in a dangerous way) but also by "answering" questions and requests from living people around it. EVP sessions usually are best done with this type of spirit. You can recognize what might be an intelligent haunting by the way it seems to understand you. You might ask this type of spirit to "knock once if you're here with us". The intelligent spirit usually will then respond with a single knock. It will interact with you in a way, and may even be able to answer questions about itself in the form of simple yes or no questions, and the use of the knocking method. For example, asking the spirit to knock once for yes, and twice for no. Normally when these spirits are seen by the naked eye, they take on the form of a human, or a mist.

A doppelganger is a ghost that looks,talks, and acts just like a living person. Sort of like a ghostly twin
A doppelganger is a ghost that looks,talks, and acts just like a living person. Sort of like a ghostly twin


A doppelganger is basically the ghost of you. A sort of clone, indistinguishable from the real you. As scary as that sounds, most reported cases of doppelgangers have not been associated with any harm to the real person. There are a relatively small amount of reported cases anyways, but the ones that are out there just seem....mysterious, and unsolved. Usually a family member will see the doppelganger and hold an entire conversation with the ghost clone, thinking it is the actual person. Until finding out some time later that the person was nowhere around and in a completely separate place. They will look, act, and talk just the same as the real person. Some cultures do believe that seeing your own ghost is a sign of death. And that friends and family that see your ghost clone, are sure to come across bad luck or illness soon after.

No matter what type of spirit you feel is haunting you, it is best to research and find out exactly what you're dealing with before becoming too concerned. Some ghosts are just living their daily lives, completely unaware that you exist. Happy haunting everyone!

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    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Hazelton 

      4 years ago from Sunny Florida

      I am fascinated by hauntings. Terrific information.


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