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UFO Lamps

Updated on December 18, 2011

UFO Lamps?

The aliens have landed and they brought earth UFO lamps!While most of us earthlings may want advanced alien technology and answers to the origins of life, UFO lamps sure look a lot better.These items aren’t just for people with eccentric décor preferences.Some of these items can be used for a wider purpose.

Abduction Lamps

If you do have a sense of humor or an eccentric taste for home lighting, there are UFO lamps that will fit right in.What could be better that having UFO lamps depicting an unsuspecting cow being beamed up to a flying saucer?Finally, proof of aliens abducting cattle right in your own home!A tamer version of a UFO on a stand will brighten up those corners in your home that just need a little bit of light.Plus, it will be a great conversation piece.Or, it may get you committed…Either way, it will be a topic of conversation for your friends and family.There is even a colorful UFO night light for the little ones.

Practical UFO Lamps

UFO lamps can serve a more practical purpose such as auto repair and closet lighting.These simple lights contain LEDs to provide lots of light while using less battery power.They simple hook to an umbrella pole and will provide the extra lighting needed to see under the hood of a car, in a dark closet, or in an attic.

If these UFO lamps are too much for you, consider a floor lamp.While still shaped as a UFO, these lamps will blend into any home décor.Designed like a traditional floor lamp, the top of these lamps are shaped to resemble a UFO.These are great UFO conspiracy theorists who wish to blend in to the back ground.

Then there are suspension UFO lamps.These ornate items are designed to be hung from the celing and provide light to a large room.The shades on these lights range from chrome to gold to white and come in a variety of sizes.They are styled in a contemporary art style shade.


Being a UFO lover, I find these UFO lamps to be a fun way to demonstrate my interest in the other worldly.I would prefer to have advanced alien technology but, UFO lamps will do.Plus they will serve a function by bighting up any room.Now my friends will have proof that I am in fact crazy.At least crazy over these UFO lamps!

UFO Lamps Are Here!!


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