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UFO Sightings: Are UFOs Real?

Updated on June 3, 2012

Nightly there are thousands of people who look up into the night sky. They look up only to admire its beauty, its strangeness, and its possibilities. Those same people are constantly questioning themselves on if we are truly alone. These questions have been debated, argued, and questioned since the first cavemen were able to process a significant thought.


Since Kenneth Arnold, the battle of Los Angeles and Roswell the question of are we alone? Has shaken the foundations of the world philosophical questions. Every year we see more witnesses being interviewed, more photos taken, more hours of video of these unknown objects.

The questions many people raise about the authenticity of photos and videos are hoaxes. Trying to debunk something has become the new catch phrase on many of the UFO forums that people post to. Yet, with all the answered questions there still remain thousands of videos, photos, and physical evidence that cannot be explained.

Some have recently speculated that we have been being visited by these crafts for thousands of years. It could very well not be a modern phenomena but one that dates to ancient human history. The largest difference between then and now is the speed, technology and resources we have to communicate with one another instantly all over the world. This has lead to a dramatic rise in the reporting of objects that one hundred years ago would have quietly died, by the way side.

With the rise, of technology and the instant access we have of communicating it has also led to a rise in hoaxes. The Photoshop and video editing software out there is becoming more advanced every year. So, for the untrained eye the reproductions look no different from what they claim to be. These also provide fuel to the fire for people that just do not believe and other skeptics. The bad news is that just because a video or picture is deemed to be a hoax it does not nullify them that they do not exist. It just serves as a distraction, from authentic video and audio that is out there, that is tremendously harder to explain.

Many people from around the world believe today that we are not alone in the universe than at any other point in history. Most scientists will agree that the likely hood of the human race being the only intelligent life in the universe is very small. The only question that people want to answer is if there are intelligent beings visiting our small blue world. Would they have the technology to transverse the great distances between stars? If, they do then would they want to?

So, then the next question is, is it possible that an alien race could be more advanced than us? Could they have developed a few hundred years earlier than human beings? Just given the last hundred years and advancements in technology that we already have is it really that impossible to think that we might be traveling the stars in a hundred or two hundred years?

The answer to it all in short, Yes! The only thing I’m trying to do here is to help you think outside the box. Use this little insight to help open your mind to the possibilities and realities of things you can only imagine now. My favorite quote is, “the imagination is the gateway to reality,” Albert Einstein.

Amazing Documentary n the Reality of UFOS


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  • ChinaDoll32BX profile image


    6 years ago from Bronx, New York

    UFO are real, I also wrote a hub about it, you should check it out.


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