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UFO Sightings, Personal and Common Experiences

Updated on May 10, 2015
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These are a series of Hubs about Extraterrestrial life conspiracies. Conspiracy writing is a side project when not writing about technology.


UFO Sightings

People have been seeing things they couldn't identify in the sky for almost as long as humans have been around.While what people thought they where seeing in the sky over the years may have changed a little bit, today we general call things in the sky we don't know a UFO. UFOs don't always have to be something from out side of the planet. I just simply means something that you identify. Most of the time things that we are unsure have a tendency to show themselves. With the amount of UFO reports that do currently exist there are some interesting trends that do coexist with UFO sightings. Besides present day, UFO reports where at one of their highest points during the 1950s. During that decade many advances with jet fighters where being made and many people seeing the test runs thought they where aliens.


Does this mean hoax?

No this doesn't completely rule out the possibility of off world visitors, but it is something to keep in mind when looking at UFO cases. You also have to be able to figure out if a memory that someone is having is real or is covering up for something the person doesn't want to remember. There have been cases where many people who claim to have been abducted where using the abduction story to cope with a past trauma they had to deal with. These kind of false memory stories are more common than many people may believe. The brain can make connections that link events based on certain feelings and stored images. Even with the brain monitoring these aspects, things can still change drastically.


Common Objects

With many UFO reports you can almost tell what year they where submitted by what the flying object is being compared too. One report that I came across compared a UFO to a flying iron. With reports that the object is compared to something very unique and abstract there are certain shapes that almost seem to be universal and reoccur not just in different reports, but reports that date back for decades. The most common shapes that people normally report are orbs, kites, and egg shape. While the nature of some of the claims that are being submitted today have changed slightly these basic shapes are almost always what people claim to see. Now while this doesn't rule out the use of test aircraft, it is interesting that for nearly 30 years these same shapes are being seen despite the pace at which technology can develop. Is there a possibility that the craft that is being used doesn't need an upgrade any more?

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Brimfield, MA, USA
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Location of my UFO sitting. Kite shaped with bright lights. Moved extremely fast.

Personal UFO Experience

While I am still not entirely sure what I saw this one night this incident is something that can be seen as the average report that one would expect from a ufo report. In fact the way this whole story played out is almost a little too cliché to be real life. One night while traveling with a couple of friends done a long stretch of road with nothing but woods, a kite shaped object appeared from over the tree lines. It was shaped like a kite with a bright light on every point of the shape. Since this was the middle of the night it was difficult to gauge what the actual size was but it was longer than the highway we where on was wide. The strange glowing shape flew across the tree line, hovered for a second and than performed a 180 degree turn and was gone within a few seconds. I am still not 100% sure what it was that night, but it was one of the strangest things that I have seen while driving at night. With the UFO I saw that night there have been man people on different forums who have seen a similar one in different parts of the country, and there have also been other people in the area that saw the same thing on the same stretch of highway that we where traveling on.

Different Sighting in the Relative Area

The Problem With Eyewitness Story

With eyewitness story there is a problem with the reliability of the stories. Even with my own person UFO experience, each one of us who saw the strange shape have a slightly different story about what had happened that night. While certain details are different, the overall shape, speed and size are the same. This diversity that can arise in the stories can make tracking these kind of situations difficult Many people who end up coming across an UFO end up being caught off guard or don't have a camera with them. This can make it difficult to prove that it was an authentic experience or just a random occurrence. Despite all of the problems that come from eyewitness stories, there does some to be enough common ground that a picture of what these events at least look like are. As for the main source of them, it still might take us a while before we know that bit. While we are waiting however, the list of sightings keep growing as well as the number of places where these kind of things have been occurring.

You never know what to expect with an UFO experience


UFO Reports Literally Come From Everywhere

There are very things that are as wide spread as UFOs. No matter where the report comes from they are almost always the same shape with a similar situation happening. While the possibility of companies testing bits of very advance technology, with the same shapes coming up and again doesn't seem like advancements have been made. When we look at other kinds of technology over the years they change and adopt based on the market as well as the developments that happen over the years. When you look at the rate of UFO sightings and factor in something like the Drake equation, it really does start to seem that we are housing some visitors from a different world. The real question is, how is definitive proof going to be obtained or found?

UFOs love to show up on long stretches of roads


Where Can the Proof Be Found

When it comes to being able to solve the mysteries of UFOs the kind of proof that is going to be needed might take a lot of work and face a lot of scrutiny to make sure that it is an authentic source. Over the years there have been many people who have made forgeries of UFO photos and videos. While some of these jobs are done nicely from a film maker cause, they have hurt the reputation of the UFO community. With people trying to make a quick buck off of something that a countless number of people have played witness too, they have only managed to make it difficult to gain a better grasp on what these strange shapes and lights really are. While the chances are pretty good that the majority of these sightings are just of test planes, the possibility of them being something more is still there and might become better in the future of being E.T.s


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