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UFO and Alien Sightings: The Flatwoods Monster

Updated on November 14, 2015
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Medvekoma is a fan of the bizarre and the interesting, and loves to read different mysteries time to time, as well as collecting them.



There have been lots of UFO and alien monster sightings throughout history, however most of them lack the amount of witnesses and supposed proof the sighting of the Flatwoods Monster had.

This creature allegedly appeared after a flash in the sky crashed into a nearby forest, with a group of children, a mother and a member of the national guard investigating the scene. They saw the monster and fled the scene, reporting it to local authorities who returned to the site the next day to investigate, allegedly finding certain traces.

The Events Summarized

In the evening of September 12th,1952, three boys noticed a shining object crossing the sky. After rounding up a couple more people, including 17-year-old national guardsman Eugene Lemon, they hiked to the site where they believed the flashing lights headed.

The group reported spotting a bright ball of fire that emitted a strange, burning mist. Afterwards, an over six feet tall creature glided towards them with a hissing noise, abruptly changing direction mid-way towards the fiery ball.

The light revealed a towering "man-like" figure with a round, red "face" surrounded by a "pointed, hood-like shape." The body was dark and seemingly colorless, but some would later say it was green, and Mrs. May reported drape-like folds.

— Joe Nickell - Skeptical Inquirer Volume 24.6, November / December 2000

The group fled the scene, but one member, Mrs. May, reported the sighting to the local sheriff as well as the local newspaper. The sheriff, accompanied by Lemon, returned to the site later, finding some debatable traces of the previous events.

A few locals, then later the sheriff and a deputy (who came from investigating a reported airplane crash), searched the site but "saw, heard and smelled nothing." The following day A. Lee Stewart, Jr., from the Braxton Democrat discovered "skid marks" in the roadside field, along with an "odd, gummy deposit" -- traces attributed to the landed "saucer" (Barker 1953).

— Joe Nickell - Skeptical Inquirer Volume 24.6, November / December 2000

The sighting was unique because the description of the extra-terrestrial creature does not fit any of the other experiences. It also involved both a UFO flashing through the skies reported by numerous people and documented as a comet sighting, as well as the appearance of the creature and the aftermath.

It happened way before the many abduction reports, and therefore it was taken rather seriously even by the government, however no firm explanation was found for the happenings. The witnesses described the events the same way, with only certain tiny details different, these not being the creature's looks. That one was constant among everyone who allegedly saw it.



To explain the Flatwoods incident, we'll have to dissect two different cases. One being the UFO, the flash in the sky spotted by numerous farmers and citizens across multiple states in the USA, the other being the creature itself.

A supposed asteroid was sighted in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia that night, and investigators presumed it was merely an optical illusion that led to the conclusion of a spacecraft landing, as people saw the flash of light disappear behind a hill. Astronomers from Baltimore confirmed that they spotted a comet heading toward West Virginia that day.

For the creature, the most plausible explanation so far was seeing a blurred barn owl, and imagining the rest due to the adrenaline surge caused by the comet's sighting and the environment. The expected to see an alien where the "spacecraft" supposedly landed, so they "found" one. This is further supported by the alleged scream the witnesses heard, which may have been the owl's. Never the less, even the skeptics agree that the sighting was not a hoax, and while it could be a great misunderstanding, the witnesses were genuinely frightened.



While more-or-less refuted, the legend of the Flatwoods Monster lives on and the event brought tourism and fame to the small town. There is a festival held each year in Flatwoods to commemorate the "Green Monster" and the monster itself (based on the art created soon after the incident) was featured in numerous video games.

Full Documentary About the Monster


Tell me what you think about the Flatwoods Monster. Have you heard of its tale before? Have you ever felt like you saw a creature in the dark where there would have been an explanation for the strange silhouette? I'm sure most of us have. Please, leave a comment telling me your experience.

© 2015 Medvekoma


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    • Deborah Minter profile image

      Deborah Minter 4 months ago from U.S, California

      I have heard of the flatwood monster before..... I like how described this incident in detail.

    • DarkMysteries profile image

      Dark Mysteries 8 months ago from Brighton

      Very Interesting hub! Thanks for sharing :) Very strange creature!

    • Linnea Lewis profile image

      Linnea Lewis 2 years ago from South Carolina, USA

      You are welcome, and it is a great idea to start such a series. Your articles on philosophy are nicely-written too, a very good and simple introduction into the famous philosophical ideas, so keep writing!

    • Medvekoma profile image

      Medvekoma 2 years ago from Durham, United Kingdom

      Thank you for commenting! One of the strangest creatures to allegedly appear anywhere. I may start a series on all the different monsters that were sighted around the world.

    • Linnea Lewis profile image

      Linnea Lewis 2 years ago from South Carolina, USA

      What a weird creature, I've never heard of it before and it definitely sounds like something that would happen in West Virginia. Thanks for sharing!