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UFO'S in Romania!

Updated on February 3, 2020
Humanoid seen in the background
Humanoid seen in the background

You don’t have to be a believer in Aliens or Ghosts to have chills run through your spines, while you read this article.

Hoia Baciu Forest, located in Transylvania, is thought to be the most haunted forest in the world: Hundred of people have been reported missing. According to a local legend, the forest is named after a shepherd that disappeared in the forest with his 200 sheep. It has a reputation for intense paranormal activity and unexplained events, such as ghost sighting, unexplained apparitions, faces appearing in photos and in the 1970’s, UFO sightings were reported.

This forest is also called the “Bermuda triangle” of Romania. At the center of the forest, there is a circular patch of land where no tree or plants grow. Scientist still remain baffled as to why this is, because the tests samples that they took of the soil don’t show any scientific reason why nothing grows there.

Some people who enter the forest report that they suddenly remember all of their past experience, but then forget the memories after leaving the land. There is a story of a 5-year-old girl who disappeared in the forest and was found five years later, wearing the same clothing with no memory of what happened.

Some of the stories might be exaggerated but it is hard to ignore the fact that something is going on in this forest that we may not completely understand. A legend says that Romanian peasants were murdered there in the 15th century. and it is believed that the souls of these tormented ghosts are trapped within the wooded confine of Hoia-Baciu Forest. Many people report a feeling of being watched as they travel near the forest’s edge. They sometimes feel nausea and anxiety as they amble in the forest.

This dense forest began to be popular in the late 1960s when a biologist named Alexandru Sift, snapped several amazing photos of a flying disc-shaped object in the sky. Sift (1936-1993) started researching the strange occurrences in the 1950s, and it would not be long before he too would undergo peculiar experiences. Soon after his first visit in the forest, he reported feeling like he was constantly accompanied and watched by certain presences - he called them “shadows”.

Macy Pope's drawing
Macy Pope's drawing

Many people who live near the Hoia-Baciu Forest, have reported seeing a large collection of orbs of light coming from inside the forest. However, when they investigated these light with scientific thermal detectors, these lights didn’t seem to be producing any heat signatures. Entering the forest and remembering all of your past experience, is apparently common. On August 18th, 1968, there was a first-ever recorded phenomenon: a UFO. It was flying at very low altitude, therefore it allowed people to analyze it closely.

Since then, specialist around the wolrd are coming over to Romania to visit the forest. Scientists and researchers from Germany, the USA, France, and Hungry have been spending months trying to solve this mystery.

If you ever want to experience this yourself, please come with me! I’ve always been skeptical about ghosts and aliens but I know that if I see it with my own eyes, I will believe it.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Anastassia de Bailliencourt


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