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Latest UFO Sightings

Updated on March 19, 2013

UFO sightings have been happening since the dawn of time, but recently we have seen an increase. A lot is due to our technology. Mainly, video cameras. Many have speculated that in 2013 we will see an even larger increase of UFO activity and perhaps even first "modern" contact. Here are a few interesting videos containing some of the newest UFO sightings.

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NASA and UFO's

If anyone knows about alien activity it's NASA. They recently, published new pictures from the NASA orbiter of the moon showing where the Apollo missions landed. Further research and videos have shown a little more than what NASA would like us to know. This video shows what NASA wants you to know and what they don't want you to know.

Christmas Night UFO

This UFO video submitted was shot off the side of the highway in Phoenix, Arizona. For some reason, possibly due to the air force bases in the area, Arizona is a big hot spot for UFO activity.

Best of UFO's

This is one of many Best of UFO's videos. The difference in this one contains some rare alien autopsy photos and UFO wreckage pictures from Roswell, New Mexico that are not common on mainstream media. Also secret footage taken at Area 51 showing UFO technology and vehicles.

Red and White UFO's

These seem to be on the increase over the past few years. Red and White orb like UFO's. Sometimes they are just one color, sometime two. Rarely are they more than two colors. The most common colors are red and white. Some case have been reported the lights to be blue.


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