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UFOs and the New Madrid Earthquakes

Updated on February 14, 2016
Old photo of an altered landscape after the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1812
Old photo of an altered landscape after the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1812

Unexplained Events Prior to the Earthquake

The New Madrid Earthquakes of 1812 were like nothing seen before in recorded history. The earth shook violently and the earth moved in waves like the sea. Hot water rose from the sand as entire houses were swallowed up. Entire islands sunk into the Mississippi and the river itself ran backwards for days. Sand blows hissed forth from the earth spitting forth sulfur and chunks of lava.

Most of us have probably heard the stories. What most of us have not heard about is all the strange phenomenon surrounding the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-1812.

In the months directly prior to the quakes it became a common tale among hunters about the balls of fire and light hovering slowly through the forest treetops eerily silent. Hundreds of accounts of ghost lights, will o the wisps and strange lights in general that would all amount to what we would UFO sightings today were recorded in the area during that time. Farm animals were disappearing and those remaining acted as if they were losing their minds. Wild animals were trying to enter homes and the domestic animals were going wild according to many accounts.

The local Native Americans had predicted the earthquakes and a village near what is now Bloomfield, Mo. began experiencing strange occurrences. They claimed to see strange lights and fires in the forest and many of their men were disappearing. These UFO sightings and strange occurrences sparked a witch-hunt and when visitors arrived they wrote that the natives had burned 50 women at the stake because they were turning into beasts and luring men into the forest and murdering them. These disappearances seemed to be directly linked to the strange lights, or UFOs that were being seen in the forest.

Bloomfield, Mo

UFOs and Strange Sounds

During the devastation of the earthquakes, people all around the area of the New Madrid Fault Line reported hearing strange noises like trumpets and loud booms much like noises that are being heard by people today.

Strange lights and fires in the sky were documented by thousands. Many claimed to have seen pillars of light and fire in skies and strange orange orbs just like those the plague the skies around the New Madrid Fault Line today.

A glowing airship was documented by many people who live there to hover above the town for hours between one of the quakes.

It is also interesting to note that a major comet was in the sky at the time, this lends to the notion that comets tend to be harbingers of huge destructive events.

Black clouds of mist and fog befell the entire area, completely blacking out the sun. People believed the lights in the sky were responsible for the fogs that were believed to be spreading disease such as cholera, which soon wiped out entire villages in the aftermath. Black fogs and mists are in many instances such as the times of the black plague associated with UFOs and the spread of disease.

Orange orb type UFO that is still commonly seen in the area today.
Orange orb type UFO that is still commonly seen in the area today.

UFOs and the New Madrid Faultline

UFOs are no strangers to the area around the New Madrid Fault Line even today. In fact Southeast Missouri is a major hot spot for UFOs. The UFO activity in the area seems to be directly connected to seismic activity of the New Madrid Fault.

Aside from the UFO sightings we know about during the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1812 this area experienced another major UFO outbreak during 1973. In 1973 the New Madrid Fault began to act up with a series of not devastating but strong earthquakes. In kind UFO sighting reports went through the roof. Major abductions occurred and people were reporting seeing orange orbs and metallic cigar shaped UFOs so commonly that a local Southeast Missouri State University physics professor named Harvey Rutledge drew his attention to it.

Dr. Rutledge was skeptical of the UFO sightings so he went out and tried to see some for himself. What Dr. Rutledge saw was many UFOs on he and his teams first night out. Over several years they witnessed,recorded and scientifically measured thousands of UFOs. They could, with their high tech equipment measure distance and speed along with size.

Rutledge and his team concluded that not only were there UFOs above Missouri but that they were not of human origin and intelligent. According to the doctor the UFOs would respond to communication and seemed to tow with them. Rutledge even claims one of the orange orbs followed him back to his library one night. The doctor speculated that these orange orbs were perhaps plasma based life forms or some kind of drone or projection. You can read his scientific analysis in his book called "Project Identification: The First Scientific Field Study of UFO Phenomena".

Southeast Missouri is also the place where a UFO crash similar to Roswell supposedly occurred in the 40s.

Did UFOs Cause the Earthquakes?

It is not clear if UFOs actually caused the New Madrid Earthquakes. What seems apparent is that they were at least observing the process, with an agenda of their own.

This articles only scratches the surface of the strange things that went on during the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-1812. For much more detailed descriptions of UFO sightings with specific sources along with the other strange occurrences like cryptid sightings you should take a look at this article entitled "Strange Events During the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-1812", it is an extensive account of what went on.


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